Fear the Walking Dead


What did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in "The Walking Dead"? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question.

Rubén Blades / Mercedes Mason / Cliff Curtis / Alycia Debnam-Carey / Kim Dickens / Frank Dillane / Colman Domingo / Lorenzo James Henrie / Elizabeth Rodriguez / Toni French / Patricia Reyes Spíndola / Sandrine Holt / Robert Gordon Spencer / Jared Abrahamson / Lincoln A. Castellanos / David Hardware / Khaira Ledeyo / Toby Levins / Bobby Naderi

    • Released
    • (2015-)
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    • 8 seasons
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    SEASON 7

  • Episode 16Gone

    Morgan finds a new ally who turns out to be more trouble than he bargained for.

  • Episode 15Amina

    As the survivors prepare to escape the area by raft, Alicia turns back to save one more person trapped in the fallout.

  • Episode 14Divine Providence

    As the battle for the Tower heats up, Alicia brings the fight to Strand's front door.

  • Episode 13The Raft

    Dwight and Sherry must decide between their code and their safety.

  • Episode 12Sonny Boy

    Dorie Sr. searches for baby Mo as Strand grows increasingly paranoid.

  • Episode 11Ofelia

    Daniel's worsening mental state causes trouble for Luciana and Wes.

  • Episode 10Mourning Cloak

    Charlie agrees to help one of Strand's Rangers on a mission for the Tower.

  • Episode 9Follow Me

    Alicia takes refuge in the home of a mysterious stranger. With her fevers growing worse and Arno pursuing her at every turn, Alicia is forced to confront the failings of her past and how she will face her future.

  • Episode 8Padre

    Alicia enlists Morgan's help to search for a new home for her people, but the search is complicated.

  • Episode 7The Portrait

    Morgan seeks Strand's help at a dangerous time for the tower.

  • Episode 6Reclamation

    Morgan searches for Al, only to discover that he's not the only one looking for her.

  • Episode 5Till Death

    Dwight and Sherry's code and future come into question when they are tasked with retrieving someone.

  • Episode 4Breathe With Me

    While searching for Wendell, Sarah crosses paths with a dangerous survivor.

  • Episode 3Cindy Hawkins

    Dorie and June make the best of Teddy's bunker until its history is uncovered.

  • Episode 2Six Hours

    Morgan and Grace must leave the safety of the submarine to face life outside.

  • Episode 1The Beacon

    In the aftermath of nuclear destruction, Strand thrives in the new world.

    SEASON 6

  • Episode 16The Beginning

    Everyone desperately scrambles to live out the coming destruction on their own terms.

  • Episode 15USS Pennsylvania

    In a race against time to stop Teddy's plan, motives are revealed and convictions are tested as Morgan and his allies infiltrate and make their way through the beached submarine that holds the tools for Teddy's destruction.

  • Episode 14Mother

    While held prisoner by Teddy, Alicia reunites with old friends and must confront her past.

  • Episode 13J.D.

    June splits off from the group in an effort to gather any information to help stop an oncoming threat.

  • Episode 12In Dreams

    Grace wakes up with her memory blurred and sees what her world's become years later. 

  • Episode 11The Holding

    An infiltration turns rescue mission as members of the group dig deeper into an underground community.

  • Episode 10Handle with Care

    Daniel is tasked with keeping the peace but will need to face his own threat to protect his friends.

  • Episode 9Things Left to Do

    Ginny and Morgan have a standoff; but this time, Ginny is outgunned.

  • Episode 8The Door

    A reunion with an old friend helps pull John Dorie out of his darkest moment yet. Back at Lawton, Virginia demands answers.

  • Episode 7Damage from the Inside

    When Dakota goes missing, Strand sends Alicia and Charlie on a search and rescue mission to find her. Meanwhile, an unlikely ally provides a new possibility of escape from Virginia.

  • Episode 6Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg

    An explosion puts June and Virginia on a collision course with each other.

  • Episode 5Honey

    Dwight and Sherry want to take down Ginny, but Morgan stands in their way.

  • Episode 4The Key

    John is settling in as one of Virginia's rangers when a mysterious death sends him on an investigation that makes him question everything he thought about himself.

  • Episode 3Alaska

    Al and Dwight go rogue on a recon mission to follow one more lead.

  • Episode 2Welcome to the Club

    Virginia forces Alicia and Strand to clear an unusual walker threat.

  • Episode 1The End is the Beginning

    Mortally wounded, Morgan must decide whether to help a desperate stranger while a mysterious bounty hunter tries to finish what Ginny couldn't.

    SEASON 5

  • Episode 16End of the Line

    Morgan is accompanied by the group when he embarks on a mission as he faces an unknown future; Al connects the pieces; June makes a promise with John.

  • Episode 15Channel 5

    Al makes a response after hearing Virginia's statement; when circumstances take a turn for the worse, June decides to look for a new home; Morgan is forced to make a tough decision when Grace's condition fails to improve.

  • Episode 14Today and Tomorrow

    Al and Morgan decide to enter a dangerous settlement, where Al follows a lead as Morgan comes to a sudden realization; Grace and Daniel come to a conclusion.

  • Episode 13Leave What You Don't

    Logan's true intentions are unveiled; the mission hangs in the balance as Luciana, Sarah and Dwight try to negotiate; Alicia and Strand embark on a rescue mission to save a new survivor at a familiar structure; a dangerous threat makes itself known.

  • Episode 12Ner Tamid

    Charlie discovers a Rabbi living by himself at a synagogue as she searches for a place the convoy can call home; Sarah and Dwight encounter surprise foes.

  • Episode 11You're Still Here

    A mysterious artwork catches Alicia's attention as she tries to find where she belongs in the convoy; Strand and Alicia find themselves in a battle between survivors when their scouting mission goes awry; Al hits a roadblock with Morgan.

  • Episode 10210 Words Per Minute

    A dying man's dream comes true as Grace and Morgan search for supplies in an abandoned shopping mall, where they must fight to survive when their mission goes awry; Dwight is put to the test after he claims he wants to be a better man.

  • Episode 9Channel 4

    The group, traveling in a convoy, doubles-down on their mission to help survivors. In an effort to encourage more survivors to reach out, Al, Luciana, and Charlie document Morgan and the gang on a dangerous mission to help a reclusive survivor.

  • Episode 8Is Anybody Out There?

    Alicia, Morgan and Grace must race against the clock to buy Dwight and Dorie some time as they try to brave the elements; Sarah and Wendell receive help from an unexpected ally.

  • Episode 7Still Standing

    Charlie and Strand try to get to safety; Dwight receives some assistance from Dorie on his mission; Morgan focuses attention on the bigger goal; Alicia refuses to go down without a fight.

  • Episode 6The Little Prince

    Morgan struggles to keep a potential disaster at bay as Luciana works with the group to undertake a challenging task despite impossible odds; Sarah, Strand and Charlie are presented with a solution when an old friend appears.

  • Episode 5The End of Everything

    Althea chases a story with dogged determination, putting the mission, and her life in danger.

  • Episode 4Skidmark

    Sarah, Strand and Wendell run into an issue with their rescue mission as Charlie meets a new friend; Morgan, Alicia and Luciana try to finish their mission.

  • Episode 3Humbug's Gulch

    Dorie and June run from a threat and take shelter, but trouble arises when a misunderstanding arises with a survivor; Alicia and Morgan encounter an obstacle.

  • Episode 2The Hurt That Will Happen

    Morgan and Alicia meet a survivor; the group struggles to achieve their goal; Strand makes contact.

  • Episode 1Here to Help

    The group faces unexpected dangers when they land in uncharted territory in search of survivors.

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 15North

  • Episode 14Wrath

  • Episode 13Date of Death

    Refugees begin flooding into the hotel the group is staying at, and they recognize a familiar face among them. Madison has a hard time dealing with the entire situation.

  • Episode 12Pillar of Salt

    At the Colonia, Alejandro reveals his darker side. A hotel resident becomes violent and Madison springs into action.

  • Episode 11Pablo & Jessica

    Alicia and Madison try to bring two competing factions together. Nick uses skills from his past for his new role.

  • Episode 10Do Not Disturb

    Travis has a hard time connecting with Chris while looking for shelter; Alicia meets a woman with a bloody past.

  • Episode 9Los Muertos

    Madison, Strand, and others move forward after the compound falls; Nick gets picked for a dangerous assignment.

  • Episode 8Grotesque

    Nick's steadfeast search for answers leads him into a deadly dog-eat-dog landscape. A dark piece of his past is uncovered.

  • Episode 7Shiva

    The family faces their biggest test yet. Nick, Madison, Travis and others try to stay close to each other.

  • Episode 6Sicut Cervus

    Conflict arises as the Abigail approaches its destination. Chris makes a staggering decision. Nick meets a new maternal figure.

  • Episode 5Captive

    Alicia works toward reuniting with her family; Travis comes across a familiar face; Madison and Nick try to save their family against all odds.

  • Episode 4Blood in the Streets

    The group lets a family in distress board the Abigail; Strand's past begins to come to light; Nick looks for an associate of Strand's.

  • Episode 3Ouroboros

    Madison confronts Strand about his mysterious destination. Meanwhile, Nick, Alicia and others inspect wreckage from a plane crash.

  • Episode 2We All Fall Down

    The group seeks shelter with a survivalist family; and Madison tries to uncover the family's true motives. Meanwhile, Salazar works to discover Strand's intentions.

  • Episode 1Monster

    The families flee a burning Los Angeles on Strand's yacht, as Strand remains mysterious. Meanwhile, the group encounters danger at sea.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 6The Good Man

    As civil unrest grows, and the dead take over, Travis and Madison try to devise ways to protect their families.

  • Episode 5Cobalt

    The National Guard's plan for the neighborhood is revealed; Travis and Madison make a difficult decision.

  • Episode 4Not Fade Away

    Madison and Travis see different sides of the National Guard's occupation in their neighborhood; the family tries to adapt to the new world.

  • Episode 3The Dog

    After they escape a riot, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars; Madison defends her home.

  • Episode 2So Close, Yet So Far

    While Madison struggles to keep Nick from a crippling withdrawal, Travis ventures out to find his son before the city of Los Angeles falls.

  • Episode 1Pilot

    A highly dysfunctional blended family is forced together when they realize a reported virus is actually the onset of the undead apocalypse.