• The Long Riders 97 min. 1980


    The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the Jesse James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of revenge.

    David Carradine, Stacy Keach, Dennis Quaid
  • The Gumball Rally 97 min. 1976


    An eclectic group of people takes part in a secret, and illegal, cross country road race.

    Michael Sarrazin, Tim McIntire, Raul Julia
  • Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann 97 min. 1982


    A maverick motorbike racer wanders into a top-secret time-travel research test site which unintentionally teleports him to the mid-1800s and ends up having to fight violent outlaws for his survival.

    Fred Ward, Belinda Bauer, Peter Coyote
  • Meatballs Part II 97 min. 1984


    Second in the series of Meatball movies. A group of kids attempt to save a summer camp that's a financial failure.

    Richard Mulligan, Hamilton Camp, John Mengatti
  • Lake Placid 97 min. 1999


    Three people attempt to stop a gigantic crocodile, who is terrorizing residents in Black Lake, Maine.

    Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt
  • Buried Alive 97 min. 1990


    A husband finds out that his wife and her lover are trying to kill him.

    Tim Matheson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, William Atherton
  • Foxes 97 min. 1980


    A group of four teenage girls come of age in the asphalt desert of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley arranged with a blazing soundtrack and endless drinking, drugs and sex.

    Jodie Foster, Cherie Currie, Marilyn Kagan
  • Hooper 97 min. 1978


    Aging Hollywood stuntman Sonny Hooper wants to prove that he's still got what it takes to be a great professional in this risky, under-recognized line of work.

    Burt Reynolds, Jan-Michael Vincent, Sally Field
  • The Great Waldo Pepper 97 min. 1975


    After WW1, an ex-pilot takes up barn-storming and chance-meets a former German ace fighter pilot with whom he co-stars in Hollywood war movies depicting aerial dog-fights.

    Robert Redford, Bo Svenson, Bo Brundin
  • High Plains Drifter 97 min. 1973


    A gun-fighting stranger comes to the small settlement of Lago and is hired to bring the townsfolk together in an attempt to hold off three outlaws who are on their way.

    Clint Eastwood, Verna Bloom, Marianna Hill
  • Holes 97 min. 2003


    A wrongfully convicted boy is sent to a brutal desert detention camp where he joins the job of digging holes for some mysterious reason.

    Shia LaBeouf, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight
  • Needful Things 97 min. 1993


    A mysterious new shop opens in a small town which always seems to stock the deepest desires of each shopper, with a price far heavier than expected.

    Max von Sydow, Ed Harris, Bonnie Bedelia
  • Mr. Destiny 97 min. 1990


    Unhappy Larry Burrows sees what his life could've been like, had he made that winning home run as a teenager.

    Jim Belushi, Linda Hamilton, Michael Caine
  • Cannonball Run II 97 min. 1984


    The original characters from The Cannonball Run (1981) race across the country once more in various cars and trucks.

    Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Dean Martin
  • My Bodyguard 97 min. 1980


    When a boy comes to a new school and gets harassed by a bully, he acquires the services of the school's most feared kid as a bodyguard.

    Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin, Matt Dillon
  • The Hollywood Knights 97 min. 1980


    Led by their comedic leader, Turk, the Hollywood Knights car club raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night, 1965.

    Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julius Averitt
  • Over the Edge 97 min. 1979


    A group of bored teenagers rebel against authority in the community of New Granada after the death of one of their own.

    Matt Dillon, Michael Eric Kramer, Pamela Ludwig
  • 101 Dalmatians 97 min. 1996


    An evil high-fashion designer plots to steal dalmatian puppies in order to make an extravagant fur coat but creates an extravagant mess instead.

    Glenn Close, Jeff Daniels, Joely Richardson
  • Brubaker 97 min. 1980


    The new warden of a small prison farm in Arkansas tries to clean it up of corruption after initially posing as an inmate.

    Robert Redford, Yaphet Kotto, Morgan Freeman
  • Race with the Devil 97 min. 1975


    Two couples vacationing together in an R.V. from Texas to Colorado are terrorized after they witness a murder during a Satanic ritual.

    Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit
  • Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 97 min. 1974


    Down-on-their-luck racers Larry and Deke steal from a supermarket manager to buy a car that will help them advance their racing chances. Their escape does not go as planned when Larry's one-night stand, Mary, tags along for the ride.

    Peter Fonda, Susan George, Adam Roarke
  • Little Fauss and Big Halsy 97 min. 1970


    The friendship between two Arizona dirt bike racers is tested when they both lust for an attractive runaway young woman who joins them on the racing circuit.

    Robert Redford, Michael J. Pollard, Lauren Hutton
  • Hardware 97 min. 1990


    The head of a cyborg reactivates, rebuilds itself, and goes on a violent rampage in a space marine's girlfriend's apartment.

    Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, John Lynch
  • Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 97 min. 1983


    On a distant planet inhabited by mutants, two bounty-hunters race to rescue three Earth female captives from the clutches of an evil mutant warlord.

    Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson