• The Piano 97 min. 1993


    In the mid-19th century a mute woman is sent to New Zealand along with her young daughter and prized piano for an arranged marriage to a farmer, but is soon lusted after by a farm worker.

    Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill
  • Final Destination 5 97 min. 2011


    Death returns to claim the lucky survivors of a deadly bridge collapse in this fifth frightening installment in the series.

    Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell, Arlen Escarpeta
  • The Black Demon 97 min. 2023


    Stranded on a crumbling rig in Baja, a family faces off against a vengeful megalodon shark.

    Omar Chaparro, Bolivar Sanchez, Carlos Solórzano
  • The Final Destination 97 min. 2009


    A horrifying premonition saves a young man and his friends from death during a racetrack accident but terrible fates await them nonetheless.

    Nick Zano, Krista Allen, Andrew Fiscella
  • Final Destination 3 97 min. 2006


    Six years after students cheated death, another teen has a premonition that she and her friends will be involved in an accident. When the vision comes true, the student and survivors deal with the repercussions of cheating the Gri...

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Kris Lemche
  • Final Destination 2 97 min. 2003


    Kimberly has a premonition of an accident killing multiple people including her and her friends. She blocks the cars behind her on the ramp and as a police trooper arrives, the accident happens. Death is stalking this group of sur...

    A.J. Cook, Ali Larter, Tony Todd
  • Final Destination 97 min. 2000


    Alex Browning is among a group of high school students readying themselves for a trip to Europe. When he suddenly has a premonition their airplane will crash, he screams to warn the others but instead he is thrown off of the plane...

    Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith
  • Are You There God It's Me, Margaret 97 min. 2023


    When her family moves from the city to the suburbs, 11-year-old Margaret navigates new friends, feelings, and the beginning of adolescence.

    Abby Ryder Fortson, Rachel McAdams, Kathy Bates
  • I, Frankenstein 97 min. 2014


    Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries-old war between two immortal clans.

    Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto
  • Fast X 97 min. 2023


    Dom Toretto and his family are targeted by the vengeful son of drug kingpin Hernan Reyes.

    Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham
  • Nefarious 97 min. 2023


    On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of ...

    Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi, James Healy Jr.
  • Heist 97 min. 2001


    A career jewel thief finds himself at tense odds with his longtime partner, a crime boss who sends his nephew to keep watch.

    Gene Hackman, Rebecca Pidgeon, Danny DeVito
  • Mother's Day 97 min. 2023


    Nina, a secretive ex-NATO Special Operations agent, must use all her lethal skills to save her son who has been kidnapped by ruthless gangsters. Finding Max is a double chance for her. A chance for a new sense of adrenaline and th...

    Agnieszka Grochowska, Sebastian Dela, Jowita Budnik
  • The Reluctant Astronaut 97 min. 1967


    A NASA janitor is sent into space.

    Don Knotts, Leslie Nielsen, Joan Freeman
  • Mercy 97 min. 2023


    An ex-military doctor finds herself in a deadly battle for survival when the Irish mafia seize control of the hospital at which she works. When her son is taken hostage, she is forced to rely upon her battle-hardened past and leth...

    Leah Gibson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jon Voight
  • The Apple Dumpling Gang 97 min. 1975


    Three orphan children strike gold in 1878 California.

    Bill Bixby, Susan Clark, Don Knotts
  • Honey Boy 97 min. 2019


    A young actor's stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father and deal with his mental health.

    Shia LaBeouf, Lucas Hedges, Noah Jupe
  • The Wrecking Crew 97 min. 1968


    Gold bullion worth USD 1 billion has been stolen from a hijacked train in Denmark. The main suspect is Count Massimo Contini. The US government sends Matt Helm, one of its top agents, to investigate and recover the gold.

    Dean Martin, Elke Sommer, Sharon Tate
  • The Ambushers 97 min. 1967


    Secret agent Matt Helm must battle foreign spies and a rogue nation's exiled ruler in order to recover a hijacked U.S. government experimental flying saucer.

    Dean Martin, Senta Berger, Janice Rule
  • Ironweed 97 min. 1987


    An alcoholic drifter spends Halloween in his hometown of Albany, New York after returning there for the first time in decades.

    Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Carroll Baker
  • Murderers' Row 97 min. 1966


    Handsome top-secret American agent Matt Helm must recover a laser-weapons inventor who has been kidnapped by arch-villain Julian Wall.

    Dean Martin, Ann-Margret, Karl Malden
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Presents the Tidal Zone 97 min. 2023


    GrandPat travels through alternate dimensions and timelines to get home.

    Bill Fagerbakke, Dana Snyder, Cree Summer
  • Bullitt 97 min. 1968


    An all-guts, no-glory San Francisco cop becomes determined to find the underworld kingpin that killed the witness in his protection.

    Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Vaughn
  • The Rookie 97 min. 1990


    A veteran detective is assigned a rookie partner after his previous partner is killed by a car theft gang. He is determined to apprehend those responsible for his friend's death but his new partner isn't really up to the task.

    Clint Eastwood, Charlie Sheen, Raul Julia