• Species II 97 min. 1998


    An astronaut gets infected with alien DNA during the first mission on Mars and runs amok on earth. Preston and Laura team up with a peaceful, genetically re-engineered Sil to track the monster down.

    Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Marg Helgenberger
  • Species 97 min. 1995


    A group of scientists try to track down and trap a killer alien seductress before she successfully mates with a human.

    Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley
  • Firewalker 97 min. 1986


    A pair of adventurers try to track down an ancient Aztec/Mayan/Egyptian/Apache hoard of gold.

    Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr., Melody Anderson
  • Thunder and Lightning 97 min. 1977


    A young man who hauls liquor for moonshiners comes up against a competing gang of moonshiners who intend to get rid of him and take over his operation.

    David Carradine, Kate Jackson, Sterling Holloway
  • At the Earth's Core 97 min. 1976


    A Victorian era scientist and his assistant take a test run in their Iron Mole drilling machine and end up in a strange underground labyrinth ruled by a species of giant telepathic bird and full of prehistoric monsters and cavemen.

    Doug McClure, Peter Cushing, Caroline Munro
  • Aftermath 97 min. 2017


    Two strangers' lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace
  • I Think We're Alone Now 97 min. 2018


    The apocalypse proves a blessing in disguise for one lucky recluse -- until a second survivor arrives with the threat of companionship.

    Peter Dinklage, Elle Fanning, Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Thousand Yard Stare 97 min. 2018


    Returning home after fighting in Africa during World War II, a soldier with PTSD finds reintegrating with family life increasingly difficult as he relives the battle of Kasserine Pass.

    Adam Munro, Kirsten Wendlandt, Gin Fedotov
  • Time Bandits 97 min. 1981


    A young boy accidentally joins a band of time travelling dwarves, as they jump from era to era looking for treasure to steal.

    Sean Connery, Shelley Duvall, John Cleese
  • Close 97 min. 2019


    A female bodyguard is hired to protect an heiress on the run from assassins.

    Noomi Rapace, Olivia Jewson, Abdellatif Chaouqi
  • Hard Kill 97 min. 2020


    The work of billionaire tech CEO Donovan Chalmers (Willis) is so valuable that he hires mercenaries to protect it, and a terrorist group kidnaps his daughter just to get it.

    Jesse Metcalfe, Bruce Willis, Lala Kent
  • Antlers 97 min. 2021


    In an isolated Oregon town, a middle-school teacher and her sheriff brother become embroiled with her enigmatic student, whose dark secrets lead to terrifying encounters with an ancestral creature.

    Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons, Jeremy T. Thomas
  • The Virtuoso 97 min. 2021


    Danger, deception and murder descend upon a sleepy town when a professional assassin accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic boss.

    Anson Mount, Abbie Cornish, Anthony Hopkins
  • The Ghost and the Darkness 97 min. 1996


    A bridge engineer and an experienced old hunter begin a hunt for two lions after they start attacking local construction workers.

    Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer, Tom Wilkinson
  • The Haunting 97 min. 1999


    A study in fear escalates into a heart-stopping nightmare for a professor and three subjects trapped in a mysterious mansion.

    Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson
  • Xanadu Hellfire 97 min. 2022


    An eight-year-old girl finds a way to bring her warrior comic book heroine Xanadu Hellfire from the future to the present. Xanadu's evil sister follows, and stuff gets crazy. Inspired by everything from Conan to Thor, Mad Max, and...

    Macy Minear, Aria Surrec, Ryon Thomas
  • The Weapon 97 min. 2023


    Dallas is a one-man killing machine on a mysterious rampage. His attacks on biker gangs and meth labs anger the Vegas mob boss who's holding Dallas's girlfriend hostage. But who is Dallas working for? Even torture won't make him t...

    Tony Schiena, Bruce Dern, Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Swallowed 97 min. 2022


    Follows two best friends on their final night together, with a nightmare of drugs, bugs, and horrific intimacy.

    Cooper Koch, Jena Malone, Mark Patton
  • { 97 min. 2022


    Carla Andrews and Daniel Marx, a couple in a rocky relationship, decide to take some alone time in the Colorado mountains. After arriving, they quickly learn that they are far from solitude when Carla witnesses a murder at the han...

    Doris Morgado, Rockmond Dunbar, Luis Da Silva Jr.
  • { 97 min. 1990


    Three bickering brothers who don't get along reluctantly go on a cross country road trip together to deliver a car in time for their mother's birthday.

    Patrick Dempsey, Arye Gross, Daniel Stern
  • House Party 97 min. 2023


    From New Line Cinema comes your VIP ticket into the hottest event of the year:"House Party," the remix to the fan-favorite '90s classic.

    Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, Karen Obilom
  • Romantic Comedy 97 min. 1983


    Two of the screen's finest comic actors, Dudley Moore and Mary Steenburgen, star as successful writing partners whose timing is perfect on stage but amusingly pathetic in their love life. In HD.

    Dudley Moore, Mary Steenburgen, Frances Sternhagen
  • Knock at the Cabin 97 min. 2023


    While vacationing, a girl and her parents are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse.

    Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge
  • Trees Lounge 97 min. 1996


    Tommy is an unemployed mechanic who spends most of his time in a bar (Trees Lounge) in a small blue collar town. He seems to always be thinking, "If only X then I could stop drinking".

    Steve Buscemi, Carol Kane, Mark Boone Junior