• Black Widow 97 min. 1987


    A federal investigator tracks down a gold-digging woman who moves from husband to husband to kill them and collect the inheritance.

    Debra Winger, Theresa Russell, Sami Frey
  • Uncommon Valor 97 min. 1983


    Ten years after his son went M.I.A. in Vietnam, U.S. Marine retired Colonel Jason Rhodes assembles a private rescue team to find Americans held in P.O.W. camps in Laos.

    Gene Hackman, Patrick Swayze, Robert Stack
  • Somewhere in Time 97 min. 1980


    A Chicago playwright uses self-hypnosis to travel back in time and meet the actress whose vintage portrait hangs in a grand hotel.

    Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer
  • The Sugarland Express 97 min. 1974


    A woman attempts to reunite her family by helping her husband escape prison and together kidnapping their son. But things don't go as planned when they are forced to take a police hostage on the road.

    Goldie Hawn, Ben Johnson, Michael Sacks
  • Little Big Man 97 min. 1970


    Jack Crabb, looking back from extreme old age, tells of his life being raised by Native Americans and fighting with General Custer.

    Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, Chief Dan George
  • Day of the Warrior 97 min. 1996


    The Agency's computer database is compromised by a powerful criminal named "The Warrior". Now, with the list of all the undercover agents' identities in hand, he is going after them, one by one.

    Kevin Light, Cristian Letelier, Julie Strain
  • Savage Beach 97 min. 1989


    DEA agents flying cargo as part of their cover make an emergency landing on a remote island in the pacific, where several unscrupulous parties are looking for a WWII gold treasure.

    Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, John Aprea
  • Cannibal Ferox 97 min. 1981


    Three friends set out to disprove cannibalism on a trip to the Amazonian jungle, where they meet two men trying to escape a vicious cannibal tribe.

    Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Lorraine De Selle, Danilo Mattei
  • Benedetta 97 min. 2021


    A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair.

    Virginie Efira, Charlotte Rampling, Daphne Patakia
  • Conagher 97 min. 1991


    A tough cowboy facing some trouble crosses paths with a lonely woman living in the middle of nowhere.

    Sam Elliott, Katharine Ross, Barry Corbin
  • Hellfighters 97 min. 1968


    Divorced Chance Buckman fights international oil rig fires. An injury brings his daughter and to his dismay, she weds Greg, a team member. Chance gets a desk-job, so he and Madelyn remarry, but a Venezuelan oil rig fire reunites t...

    John Wayne, Katharine Ross, Jim Hutton
  • The Greatest Beer Run Ever 97 min. 2022


    A man's story of leaving New York in 1967 to bring beer to his childhood buddies in the Army while they are fighting in Vietnam.

    Zac Efron, Russell Crowe, Jake Picking
  • Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd 97 min. 2003


    Set back in the 80s when Harry met Lloyd in high school where they cross paths with a mean principal and a bunch of other outcasts much like themselves.

    Derek Richardson, Eric Christian Olsen, Eugene Levy
  • The Loveless 97 min. 1981


    Trouble ensues when a motorcycle gang stops in a small southern town while heading to the races at Daytona.

    Willem Dafoe, J. Don Ferguson, Robert Gordon
  • Hells Angels on Wheels 97 min. 1967


    At first, gas station attendant Poet is happy when the Hell's Angels gang finally accepts him. But he's shocked when he learns just how brutal they are.

    Adam Roarke, Jack Nicholson, Sabrina Scharf
  • The Immaculate Room 97 min. 2022


    Secrets and private demons emerge when a seemingly-perfect young couple compete- for a $5 million prize by isolating themselves in an empty white room for 50 days. No phones, no family--only the room trying to break their resolve.

    Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene
  • Goin' South 97 min. 1978


    Due to the lack of men after the Civil War, a small western town allows a bachelorette with ulterior motives to save a horse thief from the gallows by marrying him. They must deal with his old gang, the Sheriff, the bank, and each...

    Jack Nicholson, Mary Steenburgen, Christopher Lloyd
  • The Innkeepers 97 min. 2011


    During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel's haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay.

    Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis
  • You're Next 97 min. 2011


    When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

    Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen
  • The House of the Devil 97 min. 2009


    In 1983, financially struggling college student Samantha Hughes takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. She slowly realizes her clients harbor a terrifying secret, putting her life in mortal danger.

    Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov
  • Becky 97 min. 2020


    A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.

    Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, Joel McHale
  • S.O.S. Titanic 97 min. 1979


    On her maiden voyage in April 1912, the supposedly unsinkable R.M.S. Titanic strikes an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

    David Janssen, Cloris Leachman, Harry Andrews
  • Beau Is Afraid 97 min. 2023


    Following the sudden death of his mother, a mild-mannered but anxiety-ridden man confronts his darkest fears as he embarks on an epic, Kafkaesque odyssey back home.

    Joaquin Phoenix, Patti LuPone, Amy Ryan
  • Robots 97 min. 2023


    Charles is a womanizer while Elaine is a gold digger. The duo learn humanity when forced to team up and pursue robot doubles of themselves.

    Shailene Woodley, Jack Whitehall, Paul Rust