• Armed Response 97 min. 2017


    A remote facility, built as a prison with a secret super lie detector, is compromised and the five guarding it are possibly dead. An armed team of six investigates what's wrong.

    Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche, Dave Annable
  • 80 for Brady 97 min. 2023


    A group of friends made it their life-long mission to go to the Super Bowl and meet NFL superstar Tom Brady.

    Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno
  • Rising Sun 97 min. 1993


    When an escort girl is found dead in the offices of a Japanese company in Los Angeles, detectives Web Smith and John Connor act as liaison between the company's executives and the investigating cop Tom Graham.

    Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Harvey Keitel
  • Gallowwalkers 97 min. 2012


    A cursed gunman (Snipes) whose victims come back from the dead recruits a young warrior to help in the fight against a gang of zombies.

    Wesley Snipes, Kevin Howarth, Riley Smith
  • The World According to Garp 97 min. 1982


    A struggling young writer finds his life and work dominated by his unfaithful wife and his radical feminist mother, whose best-selling manifesto turns her into a cultural icon.

    Robin Williams, Mary Beth Hurt, Glenn Close
  • Flashpoint 97 min. 1984


    Two U.S. border patrolmen find a buried 20+ year old jeep in the desert with a skeleton, rifle and $800,000. They keep the money. Suddenly, the FBI shows a lot of interest in the car.

    Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, Rip Torn
  • We Have a Ghost 97 min. 2023


    Finding a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home turns Kevin's family into overnight social media sensations. But when Kevin and Ernest investigate the mystery of Ernest's past, they become a target of the CIA.

    Jennifer Coolidge, David Harbour, Tig Notaro
  • Terror Firmer 97 min. 1999


    A homicidal maniac is on the loose in the city and the low-budget film crew of a Troma movie has the power to stop them.

    Will Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle, Lloyd Kaufman
  • Desperado 97 min. 1995


    Former musician and gunslinger El Mariachi arrives at a small Mexican border town after being away for a long time. His past quickly catches up with him and he soon gets entangled with the local drug kingpin Bucho and his gang.

    Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Joaquim de Almeida
  • Magellan 97 min. 2017


    After NASA picks up a trio of mysterious signals from within our own solar system, astronaut Roger Nelson is dispatched on a multi-year solo mission aboard the Magellan spacecraft to investigate the sources.

    Brandon Ray Olive, K. Danor Gerald, Whitney Palmer
  • Is Genesis History? 97 min. 2017


    Explore the world to see how it intersects with the stories related in Genesis. Del Tackett of "The Truth Project" hikes through canyons, climbs mountains, and dives below the sea to examine two competing views - one compelling tr...

    Del Tackett, Kevin L. Anderson, Steve A. Austin
  • Heaven & Hell 97 min. 2018


    In 1990s Los Angeles, danger lurks around the corner after a freak accident leaves an undercover cop with supernatural abilities while also unleashing a horror that he must destroy before it destroys everything.

    Cheryl M. Lynn, David Carter, Bill Collard
  • Kimi 97 min. 2022


    An agoraphobic Seattle tech worker uncovers evidence of a crime.

    Zoë Kravitz, Byron Bowers, Rita Wilson
  • Path to War 97 min. 2002


    In the mid 1960s, President Lyndon B. Johnson (Sir Michael Gambon) and his foreign-policy team debate the decision to withdraw from or escalate the war in Vietnam.

    Michael Gambon, Donald Sutherland, Alec Baldwin
  • Chris Rock: Selective Outrage 97 min. 2023


    Comedian Chris Rock performs a live stand-up special in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Chris Rock
  • The Strays 97 min. 2023


    A Black woman's meticulously crafted life of privilege starts to unravel when two strangers show up in her quaint suburban town.

    Ashley Madekwe, Bukky Bakray, Jorden Myrie
  • Savages 97 min. 2012


    Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively
  • Section 8 97 min. 2022


    After avenging the murder of his family, a former soldier is sprung from prison and recruited by a shadowy government agency.

    Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney, Dolph Lundgren
  • The Devil Conspiracy 97 min. 2022


    A cult steals the Shroud of Turin for wicked purposes.

    Alice Orr-Ewing, Joe Doyle, Eveline Hall
  • Transfusion 97 min. 2023


    A former Special Forces operative thrust into the criminal underworld to keep his only son from being taken from him.

    Sam Worthington, Phoebe Tonkin, Matt Nable
  • Buried 97 min. 2010


    Paul is a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic dea...

    Ryan Reynolds, José Luis García-Pérez, Robert Paterson
  • Missing 97 min. 2023


    After her mother goes missing, a young woman tries to find her from home, using tools available to her online.

    Tim Griffin, Ava Zaria Lee, Nia Long
  • S.F.W. 97 min. 1994


    An alienated and misanthropic teenager gains sudden and unwanted celebrity status after he's taken hostage by terrorists where his indifference to their threats to kill him makes news headlines.

    Stephen Dorff, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Busey
  • Stranded 97 min. 2013


    Four astronauts working at a lunar base suffer a meteor strike that brings an infection that leads to paranoia, fear and death.

    Christian Slater, Amy Matysio, Michael Therriault