• Deus 97 min. 2022


    A mysterious black sphere is discovered in the orbit of Mars. The Achilles is sent to investigate. After the bedraggled six-person crew wake from eight months hibernation, the Sphere is transmitting a single word in every Earth la...

    Claudia Black, Phil Davis, David O'Hara
  • Alone at Night 97 min. 2022


    Quarantine leads to a night of terror.

    Ashley Benson, Jon Foster, Sky Ferreira
  • John Wick: Chapter 4 97 min. 2023


    John Wick uncovers a path to defeating The High Table. But before he can earn his freedom, Wick must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into foes.

    Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, George Georgiou
  • Willow Creek 97 min. 2013


    A man and his girlfriend camp in the woods to capture firsthand evidence of Bigfoot.

    Alexie Gilmore, Bryce Johnson, Laura Montagna
  • Apt Pupil 97 min. 1998


    A boy blackmails his neighbor after suspecting him to be a Nazi war criminal.

    Ian McKellen, Brad Renfro, Joshua Jackson
  • Bunker 97 min. 2022


    Trapped in a bunker during World War I, a group of soldiers are faced with an ungodly presence that slowly turns them against each other.

    Eddie Ramos, Patrick Moltane, Julian Feder
  • The Quick and the Dead 97 min. 1995


    A female gunfighter returns to a frontier town where a dueling tournament is being held, which she enters in an effort to avenge her father's death.

    Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe
  • Get Carter 97 min. 1971


    When his brother dies under mysterious circumstances in a car accident, London gangster Jack Carter travels to Newcastle to investigate.

    Michael Caine, Ian Hendry, Britt Ekland
  • Hypnotic 97 min. 2023


    A detective investigates a mystery involving his missing daughter and a secret government program.

    Ben Affleck, Alice Braga, JD Pardo
  • The Butterfly Effect 2 97 min. 2006


    Nick Larson discovers a supernatural way to alter his life and travel back in time to key moments in his life by looking at photographs.

    Eric Lively, Erica Durance, Dustin Milligan
  • The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations 97 min. 2009


    Sam Reide uses his power to time travel to solve the mystery of his girlfriend's death.

    Chris Carmack, Rachel Miner, Melissa Jones
  • Last Looks 97 min. 2021


    A disgraced ex-cop seeks solace by moving to the woods, but his quiet life comes to an end when a private eye recruits him to investigate a murder.

    Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, Lucy Fry
  • The Rookie 97 min. 1990


    A veteran detective is assigned a rookie partner after his previous partner is killed by a car theft gang. He is determined to apprehend those responsible for his friend's death but his new partner isn't really up to the task.

    Clint Eastwood, Charlie Sheen, Raul Julia
  • Bullitt 97 min. 1968


    An all-guts, no-glory San Francisco cop becomes determined to find the underworld kingpin that killed the witness in his protection.

    Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Vaughn
  • Mercy 97 min. 2023


    An ex-military doctor finds herself in a deadly battle for survival when the Irish mafia seize control of the hospital at which she works. When her son is taken hostage, she is forced to rely upon her battle-hardened past and leth...

    Leah Gibson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jon Voight
  • Mother's Day 97 min. 2023


    Nina, a secretive ex-NATO Special Operations agent, must use all her lethal skills to save her son who has been kidnapped by ruthless gangsters. Finding Max is a double chance for her. A chance for a new sense of adrenaline and th...

    Agnieszka Grochowska, Sebastian Dela, Jowita Budnik
  • Heist 97 min. 2001


    A career jewel thief finds himself at tense odds with his longtime partner, a crime boss who sends his nephew to keep watch.

    Gene Hackman, Rebecca Pidgeon, Danny DeVito
  • Nefarious 97 min. 2023


    On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of ...

    Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi, James Healy Jr.
  • Fast X 97 min. 2023


    Dom Toretto and his family are targeted by the vengeful son of drug kingpin Hernan Reyes.

    Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham
  • I, Frankenstein 97 min. 2014


    Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries-old war between two immortal clans.

    Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Miranda Otto
  • The Black Demon 97 min. 2023


    Stranded on a crumbling rig in Baja, a family faces off against a vengeful megalodon shark.

    Omar Chaparro, Bolivar Sanchez, Carlos Solórzano
  • Blowback 97 min. 2022


    After planning a perfect heist, Nick is ready to score. One problem, his girl and the crew, have other ideas. They take Nick down in a hail of bullets but Nick doesn't die and in a race for his life, seeks revenge one target at a ...

    Randy Couture, Cam Gigandet, Chris Maher
  • 97 Minutes 97 min. 2023


    A hijacked 767 will crash in just 97 minutes when its fuel runs out. Against the strong will of NSA Deputy Toyin, NSA Director Hawkins prepares to have the plane shot down before it does any catastrophic damage on the ground, leav...

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Alec Baldwin, MyAnna Buring
  • Extraction 2 97 min. 2023


    After barely surviving his grievous wounds from his mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake is back, and his team is ready to take on their next mission.

    Chris Hemsworth, Olga Kurylenko, Golshifteh Farahani
  • Sunset Grill 97 min. 1993


    Ryder Hart is a disgraced ex-cop who is now a low-rent private investigator. His estranged wife, Anita, runs the Sunset Grill, and is now involved with Jeff, a Police Detective who used to work with Ryder. When Anita is found brut...

    Peter Weller, Lori Singer, Stacy Keach
  • Dante's Peak 97 min. 1997


    A volcanologist arrives at a countryside town recently named the second-most desirable place to live in America, and discovers that the long-dormant volcano, Dante's Peak, may wake up at any moment.

    Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Jamie Renée Smith
  • Collide 97 min. 2016


    An American backpacker gets involved with a ring of drug smugglers as their driver, though he winds up on the run from his employers across Cologne high-speed Autobahn.

    Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins
  • Kandahar 97 min. 2023


    A CIA operative and his translator flee from special forces in Afghanistan after exposing a covert mission.

    Gerard Butler, Navid Negahban, Ali Fazal
  • Infinite Storm 97 min. 2022


    When a climber gets caught in a blizzard, she encounters a stranded stranger and must get them both down the mountain before nightfall.

    Naomi Watts, Billy Howle, Denis O'Hare
  • The Wrath of Becky 97 min. 2023


    Two years after escaping a violent attack, a teenage girl must defend herself against a terrorist cell.

    Lulu Wilson, Seann William Scott, Denise Burse
  • Meteor 97 min. 1979


    The U.S. must join forces with the U.S.S.R. in order to destroy a gigantic asteroid heading straight for Earth.

    Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden
  • The Silencers 97 min. 1966


    Retired agent Matt Helm is re-activated in order to stop an evil organization from exploding an atom bomb over the USA and starting WWIII.

    Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi
  • S.O.S. Titanic 97 min. 1979


    On her maiden voyage in April 1912, the supposedly unsinkable R.M.S. Titanic strikes an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

    David Janssen, Cloris Leachman, Harry Andrews
  • Becky 97 min. 2020


    A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.

    Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, Joel McHale
  • You're Next 97 min. 2011


    When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

    Sharni Vinson, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen
  • The Innkeepers 97 min. 2011


    During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel's haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay.

    Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis
  • The Immaculate Room 97 min. 2022


    Secrets and private demons emerge when a seemingly-perfect young couple compete- for a $5 million prize by isolating themselves in an empty white room for 50 days. No phones, no family--only the room trying to break their resolve.

    Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene
  • Hells Angels on Wheels 97 min. 1967


    At first, gas station attendant Poet is happy when the Hell's Angels gang finally accepts him. But he's shocked when he learns just how brutal they are.

    Adam Roarke, Jack Nicholson, Sabrina Scharf
  • Savage Beach 97 min. 1989


    DEA agents flying cargo as part of their cover make an emergency landing on a remote island in the pacific, where several unscrupulous parties are looking for a WWII gold treasure.

    Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, John Aprea
  • Day of the Warrior 97 min. 1996


    The Agency's computer database is compromised by a powerful criminal named "The Warrior". Now, with the list of all the undercover agents' identities in hand, he is going after them, one by one.

    Kevin Light, Cristian Letelier, Julie Strain
  • Black Widow 97 min. 1987


    A federal investigator tracks down a gold-digging woman who moves from husband to husband to kill them and collect the inheritance.

    Debra Winger, Theresa Russell, Sami Frey
  • Fail Safe 97 min. 1964


    A technical malfunction sends American planes to Moscow to deliver a nuclear attack. Can all-out war be averted?

    Henry Fonda, Walter Matthau, Fritz Weaver
  • Fear 97 min. 1996


    When Nicole met David; handsome, charming, affectionate, he was everything. It seemed perfect, but soon she sees that David has a darker side. And his adoration turns to obsession, their dream into a nightmare, and her love into f...

    Mark Wahlberg, Reese Witherspoon, William Petersen
  • Survive 97 min. 2022


    When their plane crashes on a remote snow-covered mountain, Jane and Paul have to fight for their lives as the only remaining survivors. Together they embark on a harrowing journey out of the wilderness.

    Sophie Turner, Corey Hawkins, Dane Foxx
  • Buried in Barstow 97 min. 2022


    Follows Hazel King, a single mother determined to protect her daughter from the life she once had while defending and protecting those who can't protect themselves.

    Angie Harmon, Lauren Richards, Kristoffer Polaha
  • Heathers: The Musical 97 min. 2022


    Veronica Sawyer does her best to survive her senior year while navigating the beautiful but cruel Heathers, the new to school Jason "J.D." Dean, and the constant pressure to fit in with everyone else.

    Mhairi Angus, Andy Brady, Oliver Brooks
  • The Philadelphia Experiment 97 min. 1984


    A United States Navy destroyer escort participates in a Navy "invisibility" experiment that inadvertently sends two sailors forty years into the future.

    Michael Paré, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas
  • Zero Effect 97 min. 1998


    The world's greatest detective Daryl Zero aided by his associate Steve Arlo investigates a complex and mysterious case of blackmail and missing keys for shady tycoon Gregory Stark who is less than forthcoming about what is really ...

    Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller, Ryan O'Neal
  • Insidious: The Red Door 97 min. 2023


    The Lamberts must go deeper into The Further than ever before to put their demons to rest once and for all.

    Ty Simpkins, Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne
  • One False Move 97 min. 1992


    A small town police chief awaits the arrival of a gang of killers.

    Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Cynda Williams
  • Devil in a Blue Dress 97 min. 1995


    An African-American man is hired to find a woman, and gets mixed up in a murderous political scandal.

    Denzel Washington, Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Beals
  • The Born Losers 97 min. 1967


    Billy Jack battles a motorcycle gang in a small California beach town.

    Tom Laughlin, Elizabeth James, Jeremy Slate
  • Savage Salvation 97 min. 2022


    A recovering opioid addict seeks revenge on the dealers responsible for selling the drugs that resulted in his fiancee's death.

    Jack Huston, Robert De Niro, John Malkovich
  • Magic 97 min. 1978


    A ventriloquist is at the mercy of his vicious dummy while he tries to renew a romance with his high school sweetheart.

    Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith