A single-camera comedy featuring three friends who work together as telemarketers from 9 to 5 and live together from 5 to 9.

Blake Anderson / Adam DeVine / Anders Holm / Maribeth Monroe / Jillian Bell / Erik Griffin / Kyle Newacheck / Waymond Lee

    • Released
    • (2011-)
    • Seasons
    • 7 seasons
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    • returning series
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    SEASON 5

  • Episode 13TAC in the Day

    The guys reminisce about their first day of work at TelAmeriCorp.

  • Episode 12Peyote It Forward

    Adam, Blake and Ders take peyote and find it challenging to baby-sit.

  • Episode 11The Slump

    Adam goes into a sales slump, and Ders and Blake hire an actor to snap him out of it.

  • Episode 10Trivia Pursuits

    Adam and Blake's trivia party gets in the way of Ders's career ambitions.

  • Episode 9Wedding Thrashers

    Adam gets his first girlfriend, but before he dates her he decides to do everything on his bachelor party wish-list.

  • Episode 8Blood Drive

    Adam, Blake, and Ders try to get the most amount of blood for a drive.

  • Episode 7Gramps DeMamp Is Dead

    Adam's grandfather dies, so he and his father steal the body and set out to give him a proper funereal.

  • Episode 6Ditch Day

    After agreeing to hand off a mysterious package for Karl, the guys stage an office-wide ditch day so that they can stay home and make the deal.

  • Episode 5Gayborhood

    The guys have a wild night at a neighbor's house that causes them to reassess their friendship.

  • Episode 4Menergy Crisis

    Adam, Ders, and Blake start a band called Menergy, but Adam and Ders kick Blake out of the band because they don't like his singing voice.

  • Episode 3Speedo Racer

    Ders is forced to revisit a traumatic event from his youth when Adam and Blake convince him to attend a reunion of his high school swim team.

  • Episode 2Front Yard Wrestling

    In order to raise enough money for their rent, the guys create a public access wrestling show.

  • Episode 1Dorm Daze

    Alice asks Anders to assemble a team of co-workers and head over to a near by college campus to recruit potential TeleAmeriCorp workers. After no one but Blake and Adam are up to the task, ...