Wicked Tuna


Teams of tuna fisherman battle the elements, and each other, to catch the most Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Mike Rowe

    • Released
    • (2012-)
    • Seasons
    • 12 seasons
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    SEASON 10

  • Episode 20End of the Line

    All eyes are on top contenders Hard Merchandise and Wicked Pissah, as the quota reaches its fill and the fleet searches for their final paychecks.<br /> 

  • Episode 18Make Or Break

  • Episode 17Quota Killers

    With the quota running out and the end in sight, the captains race to catch monster high quality bluefin but they can't control what bites the hook.<br /> 

  • Episode 16Cursed

    The buyer breaks wreak havoc on fishermen's strategies and five-time champion Captain Dave Carraro suffers the longest cold streak of his career.<br /> 

  • Episode 15Rogue One

    Captain Dave Marciano defies the fleet by fishing in a secret location on his own, alienating him from the others but helping his boat stay on top.<br /> 

  • Episode 14Real Heroes

    Captains put competition aside to work with members of Wounded Warrior Project, who share their brave stories and help the crews fight for bluefin gold.<br /> 

  • Episode 13Chasin' the Bite

    Everyone is desperate for a paycheck as the warm summer water creates a lull in fishing like never before, and keeping the fleet on the hunt.<br /> 

  • Episode 12Strength in Numbers

    In an uncertain market, the fleet fights to earn another paycheck. But while some crews have all hands on deck, others find themselves shorthanded.<br /> 

  • Episode 11Bad Fish, Good Blood

    Hot Tuna gets help from Bad Fish to help increase profits by catching Bluefin for their family business and move out of the middle of the pack.<br /> 

  • Episode 10The Next Generation

    In one of the toughest Wicked Tuna seasons, can the next generation of Gloucester fishermen rise to the challenge and bring home blue gold?<br /> 

  • Episode 5Tuna Master

  • Episode 4Best Laid Plans

    The captains work to find a strategy that will maximize catches, and profits, in an attempt to play it smart during uncertain times.

  • Episode 3Bank On It

    In a season of uncertainty, the captains fight for glory, and the newcomers are especially determined to prove their worth.

  • Episode 2Back In The Game

    Captain Dave Marciano is making waves early on but will his luck stick around for the entire season, or are his glory days behind him?

  • Episode 1Keep The Tradition Alive

    It's opening day of the Gloucester bluefin season, and the captains face new challenges and navigate uncertain waters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    SEASON 9

  • Episode 15All Out of Tomorrows

    The fleet battles extreme weather, monster bluefin and uncertain profits as the captains fight to land their last catches — and the No. 1 spot.<br /> 

  • Episode 14Brawlin For Bluefin

    As the captains fight for what could be their last bluefin, the battle between the Pinwheel and the Kraken turns into an all-out war.<br /> 

  • Episode 13Crunch Time

    As the bluefin quota quickly diminishes, the competition hits its fiercest point yet. With the time left in the season ticking down, the captains are tested — who can withstand the pressure, and who will crack?<br /> 

  • Episode 12Pineapple Mafia

  • Episode 11Angry Waters

    Extreme weather and high seas force the captains to decide between fight or flight.<br /> 

  • Episode 10Mate Debate

    With the markets reopened, the mates step up to help out and prove their worth.<br /> 

  • Episode 9Back To Business

    Though the bluefin market is open again, it hasn't fully recovered, leaving everyone disappointed when giant catches result in meager payouts.<br /> 

  • Episode 8Bluefin Shutdown

    The bluefin market shuts down in 48 hours, and tensions among the captains run high.<br /> 

  • Episode 7While The Getting Is Good

    The bluefin markets are oversaturated, threatening to shut down the fishery. For each captain, their next fish could be their last.<br /> 

  • Episode 6Kraken The Code

    The Gloucester captains are used to dominating their home turf and will do whatever it takes to protect their waters from the imposing newcomers.<br /> 

  • Episode 5Blood Lines

    Competition between the OGs and the tourists heats up; Gloucester captains rely on family ties.<br /> 

  • Episode 4Follow the Leaders

    Tensions run high as a limited quota diminishes and the newcomers employ sneak attacks, causing the fight to get personal for two longtime rivals.<br /> 

  • Episode 3Band of Brothers

    Spooked by the sudden success of the new captains, the Gloucester veterans take drastic measures and band together to form an unlikely alliance.<br /> 

  • Episode 2War on the Water

    The original Gloucester captains realize the newcomers mean business. When the new boats team up to work together, the veterans feel the pressure.<br /> 

  • Episode 1The Enemy Among Us

    It's the first day of a new bluefin season, and the Gloucester captains unexpectedly meet their matches when a fleet of outsiders comes to town.<br /> 

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 10Good to the Last Bite

    As the final week of tuna fishing begins, the Hard Merchandise, the Bounty Hunter, the Tuna.Com and the Odysea steam out together, each captain vowing to catch the biggest tuna before the season ends.

  • Episode 9Pirate Problems

    A hard season with little money to show has taken its toll on the crew of the Odysea, leading Captain Ralph to lash out at his first mate Pirate.

  • Episode 8Grudge Match

    With just two weeks left until the end of tuna fishing season, Bounty Hunter gains a new deckhand.

  • Episode 7Mutiny at Sea

    A mixture of bad luck and mutiny brews in this tumultuous episode of Wicked Tuna. Tensions erupt on New England's top tuna boat, Tuna.Com, when Captain Dave and Paul get into a heated confrontation that causes Paul to quit!

  • Episode 6Man v. Storm

    Marciano, captain of Hard Merchandise, risks the elements to hook a giant bluefin and finds himself with boat trouble in the midst of the storm.

  • Episode 5Greed, Ego & Jealousy

    After watching the Christina catch the biggest tuna of the season, the uber-competitive Captain Dave of the Tuna.com is obsessed with beating the record, and catching a fish bigger than 1,075 lbs!

  • Episode 4Size Matters

    Meet Kevin and the Christina, a boat that gets its own real-life fish story when it snags an 1,100-pound &quot;monstah&quot; right out of the gate.

  • Episode 3Weekend Warriors

    Tuna.com continues its winning streak, catching two fish in one day while the rest of the fleet struggles to even find a spot to fish in between the weekend recreational boaters.

  • Episode 2Payback's a Fish

    After going bust on his last trip and coming home empty-handed, Marciano of Hard Merchandise now wrestles with the trials of being a husband and father who has to be away from home so often.

  • Episode 1The Bite Is On

    Meet the fleet, as peak season begins and the adrenaline rush of &quot;monstah&quot; hunting hits Gloucester.