The X-Files


A pair of FBI agents investigate the strange and unexplained.

David Duchovny / Gillian Anderson / Mitch Pileggi / William B. Davis / Robbie Amell / Joel McHale / Andrew Morgado / Sheila Larken / Lauren Ambrose / Gardiner Millar / Aliza Vellani / Daniela Dib

    • Released
    • (2015-)
    • Seasons
    • 11 seasons
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    SEASON 11

  • Episode 10My Struggle IV

    Mulder and Scully rush to find an on-the-run William while the Cigarette Smoking Man pushes forward with his ultimate plan.

  • Episode 9Nothing Lasts Forever

    While investigating human organ theft, Mulder and Scully uncover a mysterious cult consumed with macabre rituals.

  • Episode 8Familiar

    Mulder and Scully suspect that darker forces are at play as they investigate a brutal animal attack on a little boy in Connecticut.

  • Episode 7Rm9sbG93ZXJz

    In a world of ever-increasing automation and artificial intelligence, Mulder and Scully find themselves targets in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

  • Episode 6The X-Files Kitten

    Skinner goes AWOL when his past comes back to haunt him. As Mulder and Scully try to track him down, their growing mistrust of him reaches its apex.

  • Episode 5Ghouli

    When a pair of teenage girls attack one another, each believing the other to be a monster, Mulder and Scully find that their investigation could possibly lead back to their long-lost son, William.

  • Episode 4The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

    Exploring the idea of The Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people remember an alternate history, Mulder and Scully find out how the X-Files themselves may really have originated.

  • Episode 3The X-Files Plus One

    Mulder and Scully investigate a case involving several deaths where the victims previously reported encountering their own doppelgangers. The clues lead to a pair of fraternal twins playing a dangerous game telepathically.

  • Episode 2This

    A chilling secret is revealed when an old friend reaches out to Mulder and Scully in a seemingly impossible way.

  • Episode 1My Struggle III

    Mulder and Scully learn that they aren't the only ones desperately searching for their long-lost son, William. The very fate of the world may depend on it.

    SEASON 10

  • Episode 6My Struggle II

    Mulder and Scully uncover a shocking truth with global ramifications.

  • Episode 5Babylon

  • Episode 4Home Again

  • Episode 3Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster

    Mulder questions his faith in the unexplained. He attempts to gather proof of the existence of the new creature he and Scully investigate before jumping to conclusions.

  • Episode 2Founder's Mutation

    When a scientist suddenly commits suicide, Mulder and Scully investigate what unseen force may have driven him to it. What they uncover is a laboratory where extreme genetic experimentation...

  • Episode 1My Struggle

    This 2016 pilot reintroduces "The X-Files" and reunites Agent Mulder with Dana Scully after the collapse of their relationship when Mulder is engaged by a TV host. Mulder proclaims new evidence that alien abductions have been faked.