The Last Man on Earth


Phil Miller was a normal guy, but when a plague struck, he became the last man on earth. His only wish was to have company, preferably a female. When he meets a survivor named Carol, he starts to rethink his wish.

Will Forte / Kristen Schaal / January Jones / Mel Rodriguez

    • Released
    • (2015-)
    • Seasons
    • 4 seasons
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    SEASON 4

  • Episode 16The Blob

    A thermal heat detector indicates life outside Zihuatenajo, but Tandy is against splitting up the group to investigate.

  • Episode 15Designated Survivors

    Tandy makes a surprising discovery that proves to be positive for the group, but sends Todd into a spiral.

  • Episode 14Special Delivery

    Todd clashes with Erica, but Melissa is determined to bond with her; Carol thinks a new person may be close.

  • Episode 13Release the Hounds

    Todd falls into a deep depression, so the others try to cheer him up.

  • Episode 12Señor Clean

    Tandy tries to be responsible to earn Gail's approval; Todd gets mad at Melissa for keeping him away from Jasper.

  • Episode 11Hamilton/Berg

    Tandy and Todd try to convince the others that something has to be done about Karl; Jasper remains missing.

  • Episode 10Paint Misbehavin'

    Tandy and Todd introduce Karl to the rest of the group as the search for Jasper continues.

  • Episode 9Karl

    Tandy and Todd meet a man who's been in a Mexican prison since the virus hit.

  • Episode 8Not Appropriate For Miners

    Todd asks Tandy for advice when Jasper begins acting more reckless than usual. In the meantime, Carol and Erica both want Jasper to be their babies suitor.

  • Episode 7Gender Friender

    Tandy tries to convince everyone he's a feminist.

  • Episode 6Double Cheeseburger

    Tandy feels ready to face the challenge when Carol's pregnancy takes an unexpected turn, but Gail wants to intervene.

  • Episode 5La Abuela

    The group moves into a mansion that was once owned by an infamous cartel leader.

  • Episode 4Wisconsin

    Carol and Tandy come up with a plan to convince everyone to stick together.

  • Episode 3Skeleton Crew

    Pamela tries to redeem herself as the group finally reaches Mexico.

  • Episode 2Stocko Syndome

    Tandy creates a plan to escape from Pamela while the rest of the group discovers a man stranded on an island.

  • Episode 1M.U.B.A.R.

    Pamela joins the group as they set sail for Mexico to avoid the nuclear fallout in the United States, but the problem is none of them knows how to navigate a yacht.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 13Screw the Moon

    Tandy realizes that he is super-jealous of New Phil's relationship with Carol, so he decides he must win her back.

  • Episode 12The Tandyman Can

    The cul-de-sac has a re-election for President of the United States.

  • Episode 11Moved to Tampa

    Phil attempts to alter his "Alive in Tucson" signs so no more men will show up, but he ends up marooned on one of his billboards with no one to help.

  • Episode 10Pranks for Nothin'

    Phil is outcast after everyone finds out about him telling the new women that his wife is dead.

  • Episode 9The Do-Over

    Phil asks god for a do-over, and then two women turn up at that moment. He lies to them and plans to meet them for dinner, and goes back and lies to Carol wanting to have time alone and go camping.

  • Episode 8Mooovin' In

    Phil gets a cow to prove to the group that he is worth something after Todd becomes the go-to man. Carol pressures Phil for her to move in with him.

  • Episode 7She Drives Me Crazy

    After the confession at the bar with Melissa, Phil grows more annoyed with the presence of Todd. Carol pressures Phil to clean the toilet pool.

  • Episode 6Some Friggin' Fat Dude

    Carol tries to nudge Todd and Melissa together, while Phil attempts to drive them apart.

  • Episode 5Dunk the Skunk

    Phil's efforts to bed Melissa are stopped short by the second last man on earth.

  • Episode 4Sweet Melissa

    Phil must work fast in order to save human existence.

  • Episode 3Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells

    Phil finally agrees to marry Carol even though he thinks it's rather silly, given that they are the last two people on Earth. Adjusting to married life goes well, until he suddenly runs into the beautiful, and unattached, Melissa.

  • Episode 1Alive in Tucson + The Elephant in the Room

    After a deadly virus wipes out humanity, Phil Miller searches the country for more survivors.