The Fosters


Teenager Callie Jacob is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological, adoptive and foster children.

Teri Polo / Sherri Saum / Hayden Byerly / David Lambert / Maia Mitchell / Danny Nucci / Cierra Ramirez / Jake T. Austin / Noah Centineo / Amanda Leighton / Alexandra Barreto / Jordan Rodrigues

    • Released
    • (2013-)
    • Seasons
    • 5 seasons
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    SEASON 5

  • Episode 9Prom

    Mariana throws an alternative prom at the Derby warehouse; Brandon asks Grace to the prom and learns it may be his last night with her

  • Episode 8Engaged

    Brandon throws a party which turns south when secrets are revealed. Mariana and Jude try to convince the students to vote against their school going private.

  • Episode 7Chasing Waterfalls

    Callie and Aaron get closer than ever before while Lena's parents come back to town for a visit. Mariana tries to get closer to Logan, but it backfires when his girlfriend catches wind of it.

  • Episode 6Welcome to the Jungler

    Callie is torn with turning over a new leaf or supporting a cause that means a lot to her, while Jude and Taylor begin making gaming videos that earn them unwanted notoriety. Stef makes major headway in her case.

  • Episode 5Telling

  • Episode 4Too Fast, Too Furious

    Callie and Aaron discuss taking their relationship to the next level; Mariana finds fulfillment training with the Latina derby team; Grace catches Brandon playing hero to his ex-girlfriend Courtney.

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 20Not That Kind of Girl

    Callie faces another barrier on her road to a better future. Lena opens up to Monte about her troubles at home; Mariana makes inquiries about letter Ana wrote to family members; Jude deals with the consequences of using poor judgment.

  • Episode 10Someone's Little Sister

    Robert Quinn agrees to aid Girls United through a fundraiser. Lena has a disagreement with the new principal. The twins meet with Anna who wants to apologize. Sophia Quinn admits something that will change Callies future.

  • Episode 8Girls Reunited

    Callie returns to the Girl's United home to deal with lingering issues. Mariana and Jesus plan a group dinner for Mat and Hayley.

  • Episode 7The Longest Day

    Dani deals with the consequences for what happened with Brandon. Jude and Callie spend the day on the Quinn's yacht.

  • Episode 5Truth Be Told

  • Episode 3Play

    While Lena and Stef are away on a babymoon, the kids throw a party that gets out of hand.

  • Episode 2Take Me Out

    Brandon joins a garage band. Stef confronts Mike about Ana. Callie's father wants a test to prove his paternity.

  • Episode 1Things Unknown