Ted Lasso


Follows an American football coach Ted Lasso who heads to the U.K. to manage a struggling London football team in the top flight of English football.

Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, Stephen Manas

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    SEASON 3

  • Episode 12So Long, Farewell

    Season finale. AFC Richmond play their final match of the season.

  • Episode 11Mom City

    An unexpected guest has Ted on edge. When Richmond travel to Manchester for a big match, Roy and Keeley become concerned about Jamie.

  • Episode 10International Break

    While some of the Greyhounds head home to play for their countries in international matches, Edwin Akufo brings a business proposal to Rebecca.

  • Episode 9La Locker Room Aux Folles

    Colin and Isaac's friendship is tested. Roy is asked to do a press conference.

  • Episode 8We'll Never Have Paris

    While watching Henry, Ted fights the urge to spiral when Michelle and Dr. Jacob go on a romantic trip. An online leak has massive implications for Keeley.

  • Episode 7The Strings That Bind Us

    The Greyhounds try a new strategy that has everyone thinking outside the box. Sam prepares to host a VIP guest at Ola's.

  • Episode 6Sunflowers

    A friendly match takes the team to Amsterdam, where one night out unlocks truths for many.

  • Episode 5Signs

    With their season in a tailspin, Richmond try to right the ship against mighty Manchester City. Off the pitch, everyone faces their own setbacks.

  • Episode 4Big Week

    Everyone's feeling the pressure as Richmond gear up to play West Ham. Ted is reunited with an old friend.

  • Episode 34-5-1

    Richmond adjust to an exciting change, but Jamie has reservations. Ted learns there's something new going on back in Kansas as well.

  • Episode 2(I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea

    News of a top player looking to move to London sends the English clubs into a frenzy. Richmond play their first game back in the Premier League.

  • Episode 1Smells Like Mean Spirit

    The newly promoted AFC Richmond face mockery as pundits predict they'll finish dead last this season.

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 12Inverting the Pyramid of Success

    Richmond gets their final chance to win promotion as Ted deals with the fallout of Trent Crimm's painfully honest exposé.

  • Episode 11Midnight Train to Royston

    A billionaire football enthusiast from Ghana makes Sam an unbelievable offer. Ted plans something special for Dr. Sharon's last day with the team.

  • Episode 10No Weddings and a Funeral

    Rebecca is stunned by a sudden loss. The team rallies to show their support, but Ted finds himself grappling with a piece of his past.

  • Episode 9Beard After Hours

    After the semifinal, Beard sets out on an all-night odyssey through London in an effort to collect his thoughts.

  • Episode 8Man City

    Ted and Dr. Sarah realize they might have to meet each other halfway. Tensions are high as the team prepares for the semifinal.

  • Episode 7Headspace

    With things turning around for Richmond, it's time for everyone to work on their issues—like Ted's discomfort, Nate's confidence, and Roy's attention.

  • Episode 6The Signal

    Ted is fired up that the new team dynamic seems to be working. But will they have a chance in the semifinal?

  • Episode 5Rainbow

    Nate learns how to be assertive from Keeley and Rebecca. Ted asks Roy for a favor.

  • Episode 4Carol of the Bells

    It's Christmas in Richmond. Rebecca enlists Ted for a secret mission, Roy and Keeley search for a miracle, and the Higginses open up their home.

  • Episode 3Do the Right-est Thing

    Rebecca has a special visitor shadow her at work. A player's return is not welcomed by the team.

  • Episode 2Lavender

    Ted is surprised by the reappearance of a familiar face. Roy tries out a new gig.

  • Episode 1Goodbye Earl

    AFC Richmond brings in a sports psychologist to help the team overcome their unprecedented seven game tie-streak.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 10The Hope That Kills You

    Richmond plays a climactic match that will determine the fates of Ted and his club.

  • Episode 9All Apologies

    After a series of mistakes on the pitch, pressure mounts to bench Roy. Rebecca finally reveals the truth to Ted.

  • Episode 8The Diamond Dogs

    Ted and Roy are both having relationship problems. Ted consults the Diamond Dogs while Roy lays it on the line with Keeley.

  • Episode 7Make Rebecca Great Again

    Rebecca celebrates her first anniversary as a divorcée as the team plays a match in Liverpool.

  • Episode 6Two Aces

    When Jamie refuses to train, Ted turns to talented new signing Dani Rojas and the team is struck by an age-old curse.

  • Episode 5Tan Lines

    With his wife and son visiting from America, Ted makes drastic changes to the lineup during a critical match.

  • Episode 4For the Children

    Rebecca hosts the team's annual charity benefit, where Ted stages a reconciliation between Roy and Jamie.

  • Episode 3Trent Crimm: The Independent

    To arrange an in-depth exposé, Rebecca pairs cynical journalist Trent Crimm with Ted for a day. Ted and Roy venture into the community.

  • Episode 2Biscuits

    It's Ted's first day of coaching, and fans aren't happy. He makes little headway but remains undeterred as the team plays its first match.

  • Episode 1Pilot

    American football coach Ted Lasso is hired by a wealthy divorcée to coach the English soccer team AFC Richmond.