Star Wars: The Bad Batch


The 'Bad Batch' of elite and experimental clones make their way through an ever-changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars.

Ming-Na Wen, Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Ang

    • Released
    • (2021-)
    • Seasons
    • 3 seasons
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 16Kamino Lost

    As Tipoca City falls, the Bad Batch must figure out a way to survive — and reckon with the choices of their former squadmate and brother.

  • Episode 15Return to Kamino

    The Bad Batch look to rescue Hunter from their former friend.

  • Episode 14War-Mantle

    While on a job for Cid, the Bad Batch find themselves drawn into a new mission.

  • Episode 13Infested

    When Cid runs into trouble, the Bad Batch are called in to help.

  • Episode 12Rescue on Ryloth

    The Batch is tasked with a dangerous mission.

  • Episode 11Devil's Deal

    As the seeds of rebellion foment on an outer rim world, the Empire schemes to squash it.

  • Episode 10Common Ground

    A new mission finds the Bad Batch helping a former enemy.

  • Episode 9Bounty Lost

    Secrets are revealed as the Bad Batch look to rescue Omega.

  • Episode 8Reunion

    While the Bad Batch look to pay off their debts, Crosshair closes in.

  • Episode 7Battle Scars

    A mysterious visitor comes looking for the Bad Batch.

  • Episode 6Decommissioned

    Cid hires the Bad Batch for another job, and it doesn't go quite as planned.

  • Episode 5Rampage

    Following a clash with a bounty hunter, the team takes on a job in exchange for intel and credits.

  • Episode 4Cornered

    The Bad Batch make a pit stop for repairs and rations. Little do they know, however, that it's not just the Empire hunting them.

  • Episode 3Replacements

    The Bad Batch make an unexpected stop, while the Empire introduces its own elite squad.

  • Episode 2Cut and Run

    Hunter and the Bad Batch seek refuge with an old friend. But they quickly discover there are no more safe havens.

  • Episode 1Aftermath

    The clones of The Bad Batch find themselves in a changing galaxy after The Clone Wars.