The life of Louis CK, a divorced comedian with two kids living in New York.

Louis C.K. / Hadley Delany / Ursula Parker

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    • (2010-)
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    SEASON 5

  • Episode 8The Road: Part 2

    Louie's road trip continues in Oklahoma City, where's he's stuck sharing a condo with an crude, obnoxious opening act who tells a bunch of fart jokes.

  • Episode 7The Road: Part 1

    Louie goes on the road and is stuck in Cincinnati in a bad hotel with talkative driver. He then loses his carry-on bag at the Atlanta airport while helping a lost child.

  • Episode 6Sleepover

    Louie is upset when he sees Lily texting in the middle of a Broadway play. Louie hosts a birthday slumber party for Jane, but it is interrupted by two unexpected phone calls.

  • Episode 5Untitled

    After taking Jane to the doctor and picking Lily up from a sitter, Louie begins having horrific recurring nightmares that he can't escape from.

  • Episode 4Bobby's House

    Louie goes to a wake with his brother. Louie gets beat up on the street by a woman. Pamela gives Louie a makeover to mask his injuries so he can perform on stage.

  • Episode 3Cop Story

    Louie has an uncomfortable evening with a police officer who was once engaged to his sister.

  • Episode 2A La Carte

    An urgent matter cuts Louie's grocery trip short. Louie gives some frank advice to a struggling amateur during Open Mic Night. Pamela and Louie try to set the parameters of their relationship.

  • Episode 1Pot Luck

    Louie goes to a pot luck dinner for the parents in Lily's class, but ends up going to the wrong party. When he finally reaches the right party, he has an unusual encounter with the surrogate mother of the couple hosting the dinner.

    SEASON 4

  • Episode 14Pamela: Part 3

    Pamela and Louie's daughters, Lilly and Jane, hit it off from the start. She also gets to meet Janet, Louie's ex-wife. After a nice afternoon and a less nice evening, Louie confesses his ...

  • Episode 13Pamela: Part 2

    Louie talks Pamela into going out on a date with him, but will it end in just more frustration?

  • Episode 12In the Woods: Part 2

    Young Louie's drug problem begins to escalate, and he must eventually face the consequences of his actions.

  • Episode 11In the Woods: Part 1

    When Louie catches Lily smoking pot, he flashes back to a similar period from his own childhood.

  • Episode 10Pamela: Part 1

    Still heartbroken over losing Amia, Louie turns to Pamela to see if her offer still stands.

  • Episode 9Elevator: Part 6

    The tension between Louie and Amia after they sleep together is put on hold when Louie has to save his kids and ex-wife from the hurricane.

  • Episode 8Elevator: Part 5

    Louie's friend Barry tells a story about his day; Louie is torn about taking his relationship with Amia to the next level even though she is about to leave.

  • Episode 7Elevator: Part 4

    Louis and Janet spend the day together and issues arise, issues like their kids, their divorce, and Louis's life in its whole. Also, Louis has a flashback surrounding his and his ex-wife's marriage.

  • Episode 6Elevator: Part 3

    An old flame returns to New York, but Louie rejects her because he is interested in Amia, who then comes to him with some bad news. Louie and his ex have a meeting at school about Jane.

  • Episode 5Elevator: Part 2

    Louie's visit to the woman who got stuck in the elevator is interrupted when Jane gets in trouble at school; Louie takes an interest in the elevator woman's niece, Amia.

  • Episode 4Elevator: Part 1

    Louie freaks out when he loses Jane on the subway; Louie helps out a woman in his building who gets stuck in the elevator.

  • Episode 3So Did the Fat Lady

    A fat woman who works at the comedy club keeps asking Louie out on a date, but Louie is not interested.

  • Episode 2Model

    Louie has a horrible night introducing Jerry Seinfeld for a benefit in the Hamptons, but his luck changes when he runs into a model who actually liked his act.

  • Episode 1Back

    Louie injures his back while shopping for a vibrator.

    SEASON 3

  • Episode 13New Year's Eve

    Louie is alone after Christmas and has a traumatic New Year's Eve, so he decides to get away from it all--in China.

  • Episode 12Late Show: Part 3

    Right before Louie shoots his talk show pilot, Jerry Seinfeld comes to him some surprising news.

  • Episode 11Late Show: Part 2

    Louie's "training" gets off to a rough start as he prepares for his chance to audition for David Letterman's job.

  • Episode 10Late Show: Part 1

    Louie takes advantage of an incredible opportunity on The Tonight Show and gets a potential job offer afterwards that could change his life.

  • Episode 9Looking for Liz/Lilly Changes

    Louie learns that Liz no longer works at the bookstore, and her replacement employee helps Louie try to find her; Louie calls the police after Jane tells him that Lilly left home.

  • Episode 8Dad

    After his uncle visits and tells him to go to Boston to see his father, Louie breaks out and begins throwing up.

  • Episode 7Ikea/Piano Lesson

    Louie takes an awkward shopping trip with a female acquaintance, Louie gets some disturbing news from a different woman during a piano lesson, and Louie tries to make amends with an old friend.

  • Episode 6Barney/Never

    Louie has lunch and goes to a strip club with a man he meets at a friend's gravesite, and babysits for a friend's socially-awkward son.

  • Episode 5Daddy's Girlfriend: Part 2

    Louie goes out on an adventurous first date with the woman he met at the bookstore.

  • Episode 4Daddy's Girlfriend: Part 1

    After Louie's kids put pressure him to find a girlfriend, he finds a potential prospect at the local bookstore.

  • Episode 3Miami

    Louie goes to Miami, makes friends with a Cuban-American lifeguard, and decides to extend the trip to hang out with him a little longer--leading to an awkward conversation.

  • Episode 2Telling Jokes/Set Up

    Louie agrees to dinner at a comedian friend's house, not knowing that he is about to be set up on a date.

  • Episode 1Something Is Wrong

    Louie breaks up with his new love interest, gets his car destroyed by a construction crew, buys a new motorcycle, and winds up in the hospital.

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 13New Jersey/Airport

    Louie has a pretty bad time in general.

  • Episode 12Niece

    Louie takes care of his niece while her mother leaves for Philadelphia, but he has no idea how to communicate with her.

  • Episode 11Duckling

    Louie leaves for Afghanistan to entertain the troops, but he doesn't know that one of his daughters left him a surprise in his suitcase.

  • Episode 10Halloween/Ellie

    Halloween is in the air and Louis and his kids go trick or treating. But when they go trick or treating, Louis and his kids meet some very bad people, in which Louis has to fend off to protect him and his kids.

  • Episode 9Eddie

    Louie reunites with an old friend.

  • Episode 8Come On, God

    Louie explores one of his lifelong habits.

  • Episode 7Oh /Tickets

    Louie remembers his past career failures and tries to get concert tickets for his daughter.

  • Episode 6Subway/Pamela

    Louie rides the subway and hangs out with his friend.

  • Episode 5Country Drive

    When Louis decides to visit his great aunt, he takes his kids on a country drive to visit her. But when he arrives his kids and him notice her past self and devastating news.

  • Episode 4Joan

    Louie quits a lounge gig at an Atlantic City casino after a bad night and winds up hanging out with Joan Rivers.

  • Episode 3Moving

    Louie has trouble finding a nice apartment, and when he finally finds a home he wants to buy, it is impossibly out of his price range.

  • Episode 2Bummer/Blueberries

    Louie witnesses a bum's death on his way to a date, and gets propositioned for casual sex by a single mom at his daughter's school.

  • Episode 1Pregnant

    Louie gets a surprise visit from his pregnant sister, who has to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night with severe pains.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 13Night Out

    Louie goes out for the night.

  • Episode 12Gym

    Louie fantasizes about a TV news anchor, and winds up in the hospital after working out with his new personal trainer.

  • Episode 11God

    Louie recalls a traumatic lesson from Catholic school about Jesus dying for his sins.

  • Episode 10Dentist/Tarese

    Louie tries to overcome his fear of dentists, and tries to get a date with an African American grocery cashier.

  • Episode 9Bully

    Louie recalls his awkward sex education lessons as a child, and a high school bully threatens Louie in a donut shop and ruins his date.

  • Episode 8Dogpound

    While the kids are away, Louie eats a lot of ice cream, gets high with a neighbor, and rescues an old dog from the pound.

  • Episode 7Double Date/Mom

    Louie's brother comes to him with an odd request related to his date, and Louie's mom comes to tell him that she is a lesbian.

  • Episode 6Heckler/Cop Movie

    Louie reluctantly acts in a movie.

  • Episode 5Travel Day/South

    Louie goes on a trip. Louie plays the South.

  • Episode 4So Old/Playdate

    Louie's age is an advantage and he sets up a play date.

  • Episode 3Dr. Ben/Nick

    Louie goes to the doctor and argues with an old friend.

  • Episode 2Poker/Divorce

    Louie and his friends have a discussion about homosexuality with a gay friend during a poker game. After Louie's divorce is finalized, he looks up a woman he had a "moment" with back in school.

  • Episode 1Pilot

    Louie goes on a date as well as a field trip with his daughters. Both go badly.