Chicago Med


An emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors who hold it together. They will tackle unique new cases ...

Oliver Platt / S. Epatha Merkerson / Nick Gehlfuss / Yaya DaCosta / Colin Donnell / Brian Tee / Torrey DeVitto / Rachel DiPillo / Marlyne Barrett / Andre Bellos / Brennan Brown / Lorena Diaz / David Eigenberg / Julie Berman / Christina Brucato / Beth Chamberlin / Aislinn DeButch / Marika Engelhardt / Adam Farabee / Brian Geraghty…

    • Released
    • (2015-)
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    • 3 seasons
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 18Timing

    Dr. Rhodes treats Dr. Downey while Dr. Halstead receives clarity from Goodwin.

  • Episode 17Withdrawal

    April and Dr. Halstead treat an alcoholic homeless man with a broken leg.

  • Episode 16Disorder

    Doctors Rhodes and Downey have a disagreement over a patient's emergency heart surgery.

  • Episode 15Inheritance

    Doctors Manning and Charles have a 16-year-old patient with abdominal pain who refuses to take drugs, while Dr. Halstead has a patient who turns out to be an old high school classmate.

  • Episode 14Hearts

    Doctors Choi and Charles are left with a patient claiming his heart is pounding in his head, while Dr. Manning suspects that a young boy with a broken wrist has deeper problems.

  • Episode 13Us

  • Episode 12Guilty

    Nurse Lockwood is arrested for refusing to take blood from a suspected DUI patient without his consent.

  • Episode 11Intervention

    Doctors Rhodes and Choi disagree over a dying patient's request.

  • Episode 10Clarity

    Doctors Rhodes and Downey set aside their differences to operate on a 9/11 hero with pulmonary fibrosis.

  • Episode 9Choices

    Dr. Halstead jeopardizes his career when he goes against a family's orders and revives a terminally ill cancer patient.

  • Episode 8Reunion

    A Saudi prince arrives for a surgical procedure, while Dr. Manning returns from maternity leave and treats a teen with a long history of medical issues.

  • Episode 7Saints


  • Episode 6Bound

    Sharon is visited by the Department of Homeland Security regarding two airplane stowaways who are brought to the hospital with major injuries.

  • Episode 5Malignant

    As Doctors Rhodes and Zanetti race against the clock to save a fallen member of Firehouse 51, the case of a woman clinging to life is discovered to be similar to those of other patients.

  • Episode 4Mistaken

    In the aftermath of a movie theater shooting, the doctors work to treat the victims while Sharon tries to keep the press at bay.

  • Episode 3Fallback

    Connor is forced to confront his past when he takes on the case of a close family friend who's been impaled by glass shards.

  • Episode 2iNO

    Ethan finds himself at odds with Natalie and Sharon as he treats a teenage mother who abandoned her newborn baby in an alley.

  • Episode 1Derailed

    The grand opening of Chicago Med's emergency department is interrupted by victims of an elevated train crash, pushing the staff to their limits.