Two people let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action.

Joseph Lee, Young Mazino, David Choe

    • Released
    • (2023-)
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    • 1 seasons
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    • ended
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 10Figures of Light

    The consequences of their actions leave Danny and Amy in a surreal situation that tests their grasp on reality.

  • Episode 9The Great Fabricator

    Danny moves from fear into panic as new crises arise. Willing to do whatever it takes to keep June safe, Amy devises a perilous scheme.

  • Episode 8The Drama of Original Choice

    Painful memories of her youth push Amy to confront her family issues and marital woes. Danny spins an elaborate lie that leads him down a dangerous path.

  • Episode 7I Am a Cage

    Amy and Danny both experience positive changes in their lives, but lingering secrets and emotional challenges force them to confront hard truths.

  • Episode 6We Draw a Magic Circle

    Fumi's pointed comments and Naomi's meddling put Amy and George on edge. As Isaac hustles to get out of trouble, Danny receives an unexpected offer.

  • Episode 5Such Inward Secret Creatures

    As George makes a new friend, Danny proposes a dangerous plan, Amy agrees to a rendezvous, and Naomi acts on a hunch.

  • Episode 4Just Not All at the Same Time

    With her future hanging in a balance, Amy heads to Las Vegas for work while a smitten Paul and an exasperated Danny follow wild pursuits of their own.

  • Episode 3I Am Inhabited by a Cry

    Danny experiences a catharsis in the presence of an old flame. Amy's relationship with George suffers another setback. A catfishing scheme goes too far.

  • Episode 2The Rapture of Being Alive

    An enraged Amy finds new purpose as cracks in her seemingly perfect marriage begin to show. Danny seeks a fresh start for his failing family business.

  • Episode 1The Birds Don't Sing, They Screech in Pain

    A run-in with a hostile motorist sends Danny into a rage — and a tense chase across town. Amy's unexpected guest leaves a lasting impression.