Z Nation


Three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood.

Kellita Smith / DJ Qualls / Keith Allan / Russell Hodgkinson / Pisay Pao / Nat Zang / Michael Welch / Anastasia Baranova / Tom Everett Scott

    • Released
    • (2014-)
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    • 5 seasons
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    SEASON 5

  • Episode 13The End of Everything

    The heroes break into Altura in an attempt to bring Pandora and Estes to justice; Cooper reappears, shocking Warren; there's something he has to tell her.

  • Episode 12At All Cost

    Warren and the others must free the Talkers being held in Quarantine and prepare to attack Altura.

  • Episode 11Hackerville

    With some help from an outpost of renegade hackers, Warren and George hack Altura's defenses and discover Estes' secret plan.

  • Episode 10State of Mine

    Altura militiamen force Talkers to mine a hazardous waste landfill for the secret ingredient to bizkits.

  • Episode 9Water Keepers

    Doc must spirit walk again to help save the Chief of the Water Keepers and get the water flowing to Newmerica.

  • Episode 8Heartland

    Our heroes arrive in the farming outpost that produces flour for bizkits and find it overrun by zombies.

  • Episode 7Doc's Stoned History

    As Doc explains his version of American History to George, Sketchy and Skeezy re-enact Doc's stories about the Founding Fathers, while Warren and the others go the bakery that invented biZkits in search of the secret ingredient.

  • Episode 6Limbo

    Warren and the others are reunited with Addy in "Limbo", an underground casino run by Murphy and his Blends, that shelters Talkers on the run from Altura Militia.

  • Episode 5Killing All the Books

    Pacifica is bombed and the heroes decide to follow the Talker Underground to stop whoever is behind the attacks.

  • Episode 4Pacifica

    Warren and George search for Lt. Dante, who may be part of an underground network helping Talkers flee human vigilantes.

  • Episode 3Escape from Altura

    10K nearly loses everything as panic and anti-Talker sentiments flare after an explosion derails the vote.

  • Episode 2A New Life

    Warren must leave her new life behind and find her way to Newmerica, reuniting with Murphy and the other heroes, while discovering George is an old friend.

  • Episode 1Welcome to the Newpocalypse

    Warren recovers from the drone crash with handsome, mysterious Cooper; Doc and the others finally arrive in Newmerica, where they meet George, who is helping form the new country.

    SEASON 4

  • Episode 13The Black Rainbow

    The secret of Warren's dream is unlocked when they reach their final destination, the "Black Rainbow" facility.

  • Episode 12Mt. Weather

    Warren and the group must stop Zona from launching operation Black Rainbow to cleanse the landscape of zombies- and humans.

  • Episode 11Return to Mercy Labs

    Warren's dream leads the group back to Mercy Labs where she must perform a dangerous task without knowing why.

  • Episode 10Frenemies

    Doc and Our Heroes are reunited with Sketchy and Skeezy when they take refuge in a working Barber Shop full of mysterious, and murderous, characters

  • Episode 9We Interrupt This Program

    The group explores an abandoned TV news station and encounters news crew zombies triggering haunting flashbacks from day one.

  • Episode 8Crisis of Faith

    Warren and the others encounter a mysterious stranger who they think is a grave robber, but he's something much more than that.

  • Episode 7Warren's Wedding

    Shaken by the death of one of the team, something snaps in Murphy, and Warren is unable to stop him and the others from committing an atrocity as misplaced revenge.

  • Episode 6Back From the Undead

    Lucy fights to save Murphy's life; and the others Battle of biologically modified Franken zombie.

  • Episode 5The Unknowns

    An Unseen Force captures the team and forces them to work in an foreground facility doing dangerous and bizarre tasks.

  • Episode 4A New Mission: Keep Moving

    Following Warren's dream, the team doesn't stop while crossing The Great Pile, a seemingly endless landscape of rubble and destruction.

  • Episode 3The Vanishing

    When Sun Mei and Red vanish, 10K and the group must decide whether to keep looking for them, or give up and press on to Newmerica.

  • Episode 2Episode #4.2

    Driven by Warren's dream of a black rainbow, Warren and Murphy make their way back to the mainland.

  • Episode 1Warren's Dream

    The group is confronted by the inhabitants of Zona.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 13Doctor of the Dead

    The team is rerouted to a Colorado lab where they hope to find Dr. Merch.

  • Episode 12Murphy's Law

    Murphy is kidnapped by a group of outlaws trying to crack the 'Fort Knox of Oxycotin.' While the survivors fight drug enhanced zombies, Murphy makes a startling discovery about his abilities.

  • Episode 11Sisters of Mercy

    An all-female commune in Utah is where the two groups of survivors find each other, but when one of them is shot, the idea of Utopia is destroyed.

  • Episode 10Going Nuclear

    The survivors must prevent a nuclear meltdown, while dealing with glowing and radioactive zombies.

  • Episode 9Die Zombie Die... Again

    The travails of Mack and Addy, separated from the group.

  • Episode 8Zunami

    The group finds themselves trapped in a morgue as a giant hoard of zombies approach. Citizen Z gets an unexpected visitor who might not be who he seems to be.

  • Episode 7Welcome to the Fu-Bar

    As the survivors try to recover from Garnett's death, they come upon a gun show that makes the zombie apocalypse look calm.

  • Episode 6Resurrection Z

    An encounter with a seeming utopian enclave and a religious cult results in a series game changer.

  • Episode 5Home Sweet Zombie

    The survivors visit Warren's home town, but will they find her long missing husband? Oh, yeah - there's also a zombie tornado.

  • Episode 4Full Metal Zombie

    What's worse than zombies? Soldier zombies. Plus: Ten Thousand's mysterious past is revealed.

  • Episode 3Philly Feast

    The survivors make their way through the mean streets of Philadelphia, where they cross paths with a group of psychotic outlaws with ties to one of their own.

  • Episode 2Fracking Zombies

    In New Jersey, the survivors run out of fuel and embark on a dangerous mission to replenish their supply. Meanwhile, Cassandra's past comes back to haunt her.

  • Episode 1Puppies and Kittens

    Three years into the zombie apocalypse, Lt. Hammond assembles a team of everyday heroes to transport the only known survivor of the zombie virus from New York to California in hopes of using his blood for a vaccine.