The Librarians


A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.

Rebecca Romijn / Christian Kane / Lindy Booth / John Harlan Kim / John Larroquette / Noah Wyle

    • Released
    • (2014-)
    • Seasons
    • 4 seasons
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    SEASON 2

  • Episode 10And the Final Curtain

    Prospero gains renewed magic that creates havoc with the world's technology. Flynn and Baird must travel back to 1611 to battle Prospero and thwart his scheme to recreate a forest utopia.

  • Episode 9And the Happily Ever Afters

    The team members scatter, living ideal versions of their lives. However, they're drawn back together to investigate the appearance of Ariel, a sprite, bound to serve Prospero.

  • Episode 8And the Point of Salvation

    The Clipping Book sends the team to a high-tech research facility, where the researchers have been turned into mindless monsters by some bizarre power source in the center's lab. When they ...

  • Episode 7And the Image of Image

    Mysterious events affecting young and beautiful clubbers lead the Librarians to a certain person in possession of a unique selfie.

  • Episode 6And the Infernal Contract

    An old friend of Baird's is running for Mayor of a small New Hampshire town and finds himself embroiled in a scandal in the form of a missing intern and a literal contract with the Devil. ...

  • Episode 5And the Hollow Men

    While chasing one of the Library's missing artifacts, Flynn is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger with both amnesia and a collection of all the Library's missing artifacts. Soon all of them...

  • Episode 4And the Cost of Education

    Students start to vanish at a university founded by a mad historian who believed in alternate dimensions.

  • Episode 3And What Lies Beneath the Stones

    The Librarians must come clean and tell the truth after a shape-shifting entity that grows stronger when lies are told is freed.

  • Episode 2And the Broken Staff

    Prospero summons other fictionals to retrieve the parts of his staff.

  • Episode 1And the Drowned Book

    The Librarians gather after months of being on their own to investigate a mysterious and massive storm over Manhattan.