Fifteen years after a permanent global blackout, a group of revolutionaries seeks to drive out an occupying force posing as the United States Government.

Billy Burke / Tracy Spiridakos / Giancarlo Esposito / Zak Orth / David Lyons / Elizabeth Mitchell / JD Pardo / Stephen Collins / Daniella Alonso

    • Released
    • (2012–2014)
    • Seasons
    • 2 seasons
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    • ended
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    SEASON 2

  • Episode 22Declaration of Independence

    In the series finale, the stakes are higher than ever as the Patriots prepare for war. Miles, Charlie and Monroe launch an attack on the Patriots, but must improvise a risky new plan in ...

  • Episode 21Memorial Day

    United by their desire to take the Patriots down, Neville and Monroe form an uneasy alliance. While searching for Aaron, Rachel comes face to face with the nanotech; and things don't go ...

  • Episode 20Tomorrowland

    Empowered with authority by the President, Truman launches a mustard gas attack to kill Miles and Monroe. To Rachel's disappointment, Miles agrees to join Monroe in a ruthless plot to beat ...

  • Episode 19S#!& Happens

    When Neville finds out about his son, he threatens Charlie to tell him what happened.

  • Episode 18Austin City Limits

    Jason turns to Miles with crucial information about the Patriots' next steps for Texas. Aaron grows suspicious of Priscilla's increasingly unusual behavior.

  • Episode 17Why We Fight

    While Gene and Miles venture into Willoughby in search of allies, Monroe seizes an opportunity to surprise the Patriots. Meanwhile, Neville's political maneuverings put him and Jason in ...

  • Episode 16Exposition Boulevard

    Miles, Charlie and Connor discover Willoughby now has a reeducation center. Rachel and Miles clash over how to fight the Patriots. Neville and Jason gain an ally.

  • Episode 15Dreamcatcher

    Familiar faces re-appear as a confused Aaron awakes to a world with power.

  • Episode 14Fear and Loathing

    Doyle hits Willoughby, Peter threatens Aaron and Priscilla, and Monroe and Connor are forced to fight to the death.

  • Episode 13Happy Endings

    While Monroe leads Connor and Charlie on a risky mission, Miles and Rachel watch over Willoughby. Meanwhile, Aaron and Priscilla reunite with an old friend and Neville gets a new assignment.

  • Episode 12Captain Trips

    A reluctant Rachel and Charlie help Gene when he decides to assist the residents of Willoughby. Meanwhile, Miles and Monroe continue to join forces in order to survive.

  • Episode 11Mis Dos Padres

    As Monroe finds himself in unfamiliar territory, Neville and Julia continue to tango at Jason's dismay. Meanwhile, Gene leads Charlie to an uneasy discovery.

  • Episode 10Three Amigos

    Neville and Julia mount a new plot while Aaron quests after the nanites in Spring City. Monroe, Miles and Rachel travel to Mexico to find Monroe's son.

  • Episode 9Everyone Says I Love You

    Neville and Jason run into a familiar face. Rachel and Gene's relationship remains strained. Aaron continues to have strange visions.

  • Episode 8Come Blow Your Horn

    Aaron's deathly experience catches people's attention. As Miles and the gang try to escape the perils of their current situation, Rachel and Gene continue to struggle with their ...

  • Episode 7The Patriot Act

    Miles and Company are trapped in Willoughby. When Rachel discovers some unsettling truths, Miles does what he does best to overcome obstacles before him and those he cares about. Meanwhile,...

  • Episode 6Dead Man Walking

    With Monroe facing the death penalty, Miles considers the consequences of his actions. As Charlie, Rachel and Gene question Monroe's true allegiance - since he might be their only ally in ...

  • Episode 5One Riot, One Ranger

    Aaron and Rachel speculate on the extreme effects of Nano technology. Meanwhile a figure from Miles's past reemerges.

  • Episode 4Patriot Games

    Rachel is suspicious when she awakens to find the Patriots in charge of Willoughby.

  • Episode 3Love Story

    Rachel attempts to rescue Miles and to escape with Andover's terminally ill wife. Neville and Jason are caught off-guard. Charlie and Adam are at odds over what to do with Monroe.

  • Episode 2There Will Be Blood

    Miles finds himself in danger when he ends up in the clutches of Andover, Charlie searches for Monroe, Rachel and Gene desperately try to revive Aaron, and Neville devises a plan to infiltrate The Patriots.

  • Episode 1Born in the U.S.A.

    Rachel unexpectedly encounters an important figure from her past. Charlie finds herself on a mission in the Plains Nation. Neville and Jason search a refugee camp for Julia.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 20The Dark Tower

    As the Rebels infiltrate the tower, Rachel and Aaron try to convince Dan and Grace to let them turn the power back on.

  • Episode 19Children of Men

    Rachel's attempt to kill Monroe is unsuccessful but it turns out that she can open the blast doors to the tower while Randall Flynn can't. Once inside Flynn says they need to go down to ...

  • Episode 18Clue

    Nora has been taken prisoner and Monroe has her tortured after she refuses to tell him where Miles is hiding. She breaks after three weeks telling them everything they want to know ...

  • Episode 17The Longest Day

    Monroe realizes the rebels are winning the war and decides they must eliminate Miles. They launch a drone attack against the rebel camp but most and Miles believes they have a mole in their...

  • Episode 16The Love Boat

    With Tom Neville now a Georgia Federation officer and in charge of their troops hem Miles, Charlie and Nora head into Monroe Republic territory by boat to capture Dr. Stephen Camp who is ...

  • Episode 15Home

    Miles and the troops provided by the Georgia Federation have been having a good deal of success and Monroe travels to their hometown where he threatens to kill every living soul unless ...

  • Episode 14The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

    Monroe becomes paranoid when Neville disappears. Jason makes a big decision. Miles experiences romantic attraction towards both Rachel and Nora.

  • Episode 13The Song Remains the Same

    Neville faces danger and hard choices as Monroe questions his loyalty. Rachel makes a dangerous journey to the mysterious Tower in order to turn the power back on.

  • Episode 12Ghosts

    Everyone is devastated by Danny's death. Miles and Nora set out to recruit a former militia comrade. Meanwhile, Rachel attempts to elude the grip of Randall.

  • Episode 11The Stand

    Miles leads the rebels out of Philadelphia and away from Monroe's machine guns. Rachel is forced to leave Charlie and Danny again as she provides power to the rebels.

  • Episode 10Nobody's Fault But Mine

    Miles and Monroe meet face to face. Charlie is conflicted by a shocking discovery. Rachel tests Monroe's patience.

  • Episode 9Kashmir

    Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron struggle to separate fantasy from reality on an underground journey to Independence Hall. Meanwhile, Monroe starts to grow suspicious of Rachel.

  • Episode 8Ties That Bind

    Nora makes a difficult choice between family and a promise when she encounters her estranged sister. Meanwhile, Strausser tracks Miles and the others, while Monroe gives Neville a warning.

  • Episode 7The Children's Crusade

    Charlie convinces Miles to help save a group of children from the Militia. Meanwhile, Rachel grows weary of Monroe as she meets someone from her past.

  • Episode 6Sex and Drugs

    Neville delivers Danny to Monroe. Miles, Charlie and Aaron visit an old acquaintance of Miles's to get medical help for Nora.

  • Episode 5Soul Train

    As Miles and the others near Neville and his men, Nora re-connects with a fellow rebel. Orders from Monroe up the value of Danny's life.

  • Episode 4The Plague Dogs

    As Miles, Charlie and Nora meet up with Aaron and Maggie, Nate continues to track them.

  • Episode 3No Quarter

    On the run from Militia, Nora leads Miles and Charlie back to the Rebel camp. Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie search for Grace, and Danny stands up to one of Neville's men.

  • Episode 2Chained Heat

    Miles seeks help from a former acquaintance in order to rescue Danny. Meanwhile, Aaron confides in Maggie and Danny lays witness to what Neville is capable of.

  • Episode 1Pilot

    15 years after a global shutdown of all electricity, the Matheson family are hunted by an authoritarian regime known as the Monroe Militia.