Gold Rush: Alaska


A reality TV show that follows crews mining the gold placer deposits of the Yukon Territory.

Paul Christie / Todd Hoffman / Parker Schnabel / Dave Turin / Jack Hoffman / Jim Thurber / Greg Remsburg / Chris Doumitt / Fred Hurt / Tony Beets / Dustin Hurt / Rick Ness / Gene Cheeseman / John Schnabel / Mitch Blaschke / Andy Spinks

    • Released
    • (2010-)
    • Seasons
    • 6 seasons
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    SEASON 6

  • Episode 15Dead Even

  • Episode 13Goldzilla Gold

  • Episode 12Crew War

  • Episode 11Captain Monica

    Monica takes over as captain of Tony's 350 ton dredge. Parker struggles to haul in his monster new washplant and the Hoffman crew is plagued by tailings.

  • Episode 9Mammoth Gold

  • Episode 8Mammoth Channel

    The Hoffman crew uncovers a unique potential sign of good gold. Parker refuses to give up on Treasure Island and a fight between Tony and his crew spells the end for some of his crew.

  • Episode 7ElDorado Dream

  • Episode 6Treasure Island

    Parker and his foreman Rick take a chance on a new cut. Todd searches for a fix so he can stop losing gold out of the sluicebox. Tony's crew hits a huge snag with the dredge.

  • Episode 5Jack's Gold Shack

    Parker takes his frustration out on his crew until his Grandpa gives him a much needed wake up call. Tony's crew battles over how to fix the bucket line on the dredge and Todd calls upon Freddy Dodge for help.

  • Episode 4Grandpa's Golden Advice

    Todd's attempt to deal with a mountain of tailings pits him against his son Hunter. Tony's dredge takes a hit as he puts a rookie winchman in the hot seat. Parker seeks advice from his Grandpa as he struggles to save his season.

  • Episode 3Moving the Monster

  • Episode 2Gold Ship

    Tony finally gets his 75 year old dredge mining for Klondike gold but a major issue brings the operation to a halt. Grandpa John is rushed to the hospital.

  • Episode 1Blood, Sweat and Gold

    As a new mining season begins, Parker gets off to a disastrous start when he loses key crew and Tony orders him off his claim. Todd sets a massive goal for the season and Tony reveals big plans to expand his operation.