A 200-year-old man works in the New York City Morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality.

Ioan Gruffudd / Alana De La Garza / Joel David Moore / Donnie Keshawarz / Judd Hirsch / Lorraine Toussaint / Mackenzie Mauzy

    • Released
    • (2014-)
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    • 1 seasons
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    SEASON 1

  • Episode 22The Last Death of Henry Morgan

    Jo is all that stands in the way of the Henry and Adam's impending clash.

  • Episode 21The Night in Question

    Henry tries to find out what really happened to Abigail after she left him.

  • Episode 20Best Foot Forward

    A human foot in a blood-soaked ballet slipper is found in a bin at a theater.

  • Episode 19Punk Is Dead

    While Jo and Isaac are at a punk rock club, a mummified body is found in the wall.

  • Episode 18Dead Men Tell Long Tales

    The owner of a treasure hunting salvage company is killed; a wealthy entrepreneur pursues Jo.

  • Episode 17Social Engineering

    A member of a secret "hack-tivist" group is murdered; Abe remembers his days as an activist.

  • Episode 16Memories of Murder

    A young woman is found dead made up as someone from the 1970s. The victim was fantasy partner of a lonely man and the case leads Morgan back to the woman he had previously met as a dominatrix, and is now a respectable college professor.

  • Episode 15The King of Columbus Circle

    Henry and Jo investigate the murder of an exiled king; Abe discovers something about his bloodline.

  • Episode 14Hitler on the Half-Shell

    A murder opens the door to a hoard of Nazi secrets and the return of an old enemy.

  • Episode 13Diamonds Are

    Jo and Henry pursue the killer of a jewelry store burglar who has a connection with Jo's dead husband.

  • Episode 12The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn

    Henry returns to work to investigate the murder of a young investor, who happens to be the son of one of Abe's wartime Army buddies. Abe and his Army buddies decide to play detective and solve the case.

  • Episode 11Skinny Dipper

    Henry's mysterious anonymous caller confronts him by framing him for a murder. With the police closing in he is faced with the prospect of having to either leave town or confess his true nature to everyone.

  • Episode 10The Man in the Killer Suit

    When all the ingredients for a sensational, scandalous murder investigation are combined -- a fairytale romance gone wrong, a jealous mentor and lover, an anxious, wealthy father of the ...

  • Episode 96 A.M.

    A man dies when his car catches fires and incinerates him. The various suspects center around the world of Jazz and concerns the true author of one of its greatest standards.

  • Episode 8The Ecstasy of Agony

    Henry and Jo become immersed in the world of a dominatrix, who doesn't dole out pain for kinky pleasures but for therapeutic purposes. Meanwhile, Abe reacquaints himself with his own form of pain and pleasure - his former wife.

  • Episode 7New York Kids

    Dr. Tyler Forester, founder of a free medical clinic and the son of a Wall Street billionaire, is awarded one of the city's highest honors for his humanitarian efforts. A few hours later, ...

  • Episode 6The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths

    When a human heart is delivered fresh out of a body to the homicide division, Henry and Jo end up in the middle of a Jack the Ripper copycat murder investigation. But it doesn't stop there....

  • Episode 5The Pugilist Break

    What looks like a drug overdose death of a reformed junkie-turned community activist results in Henry and Jo tracking a murderer. The complex investigation involves dirty dealings between a...

  • Episode 4The Art of Murder

    The death of Gloria Carlyle, the elegant, seemingly ruthless matriarch of one of New York's wealthiest and oldest families, brings a world of hurt down on her family. After Gloria is found ...

  • Episode 3Fountain of Youth

    Henry is interested in aging and how to die, but New York's wealthy elderly are chasing a way to turn back the clock. A clinic is dispensing a pricey product - Aterna - which is supposed to...

  • Episode 2Look Before You Leap

    After Henry pegs the case of a would-be bridge jumper as a homicide while the police label it a suicide, he and Jo go on a rogue investigation for proof. Meanwhile, Henry's anonymous caller...

  • Episode 1Pilot

    Henry Morgan, an immortal, searches for the man who caused a subway train accident. Meanwhile, a mysterious call informs Henry that someone knows his secret.