In the year 2046, it's a new Earth - with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition...

Grant Bowler / Stephanie Leonidas / Julie Benz / Graham Greene / Tony Curran / Jaime Murray / Jesse Rath / Dewshane Williams / Trenna Keating / Nicole Muñoz / Jessica Nichols / Kevin Shand / Mia Kirshner / Justin Rain / James Murray / Anna Hopkins / Noah Danby / Monica Parker

    • Released
    • (2013-)
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    • 3 seasons
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    SEASON 2

  • Episode 12All Things Must Pass + I Almost Prayed (Dbl Ep)

    Pottinger captures Datak and Stahma. Nolan tries to save a wounded Tommy. Irisa puts Irzu's plan in motion.

  • Episode 11Doll Parts

    With Nolan searching for Irisa, Amanda is forced to take on the badge as Deputy when the shocking murder of one of their own rocks Defiance.

  • Episode 10Bottom of the World

    Nolan and Rafe race against the clock to rescue Amanda and Pottinger trapped in a deadly mine collapse.

  • Episode 9Painted from Memory

    Kenya has returned but not as she was before, Stahma has problems to deal with and Irias still isn't back in defiance.

  • Episode 8Slouching Towards Bethlehem

    Nolan interrogates a suspected Votanis Collective spy in order to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack on New York.

  • Episode 7If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

    Datak is framed for a bizarre murder and turns to an unlikely ally for help, while Irisa discovers more about her destiny after encountering a mysterious stranger.

  • Episode 6This Woman's Work

    After an Arkfall crash, Pottinger recruits Nolan to lead their salvage mission but his secret agenda puts them in grave danger against an alien race they've never encountered before. ...

  • Episode 5Putting the Damage On

    Amanda is being stalked by a man who managed to get into her room. She manages to defend herself but tells Nolan that she was attacked in New York 5 years ago. When Nolan apparently accosts...

  • Episode 4Beasts of Burden

    After his caravan is viciously attacked in the badlands, a badly shaken Pottinger orders Nolan to hunt down and destroy those responsible. Nolan's manhunt implicates one of Rafe's miners ...

  • Episode 3The Cord and the Ax

    Irisa's terrifying black-outs escalate, driving a wedge of secrecy between her and a worried Nolan. Meanwhile, the Tarr family business thrives under Stahma's self-appointed direction while an increasingly suspicious Datak remains in jail.

  • Episode 2In My Secret Life

    Joshua and Irisa travel back in time to observe parts of Irisa's life that have been erased from her memory.

  • Episode 1The Opposite of Hallelujah

    Joshua's search for Irisa takes him across the country. Irisa keeps a deadly secret. In no uncertain terms, Stahma Tarr lets her son, Alak, know who is really running the family business. ...

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 13Everything Is Broken

    Earth Alliance Colonel Galen Marsh reveals that he is after the Voltan weapons system hidden at the bottom of the mines and Yewll is prepared to deal with them. There are two artifacts ...

  • Episode 12Past Is Prologue

    The residents of Defiance hold a wake for Nicky at Kenya's bar. Datak takes the opportunity to make political hay. Stahma confides in Kenya that losing the election would be a great shame ...

  • Episode 11The Bride Wore Black

    The time for Christie McCawley and Alak Tarr's wedding has arrived but Datak wants to call it off when Rafe tells him Christie has been cut out his will. Alak doesn't take the news very ...

  • Episode 10If I Ever Leave This World Alive

    Plague come to Defiance in the form of an Irathic virus, a flu-like disease that is deadly to humans. The disease is spread through physical contact and Dov Yewll hopes that a vaccine ...

  • Episode 9I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

    Nolan and Jefferson decide to check out the Voltan ship that crashed just outside of town. They are more than just a bit shocked when they find American astronaut Gordon McClintock in ...

  • Episode 8Goodbye Blue Sky

    Defiance is bombarded with razor rain, metal object falling from the sky as their orbit around the Earth deteriorates. Irisa has a vision and heads off to the badlands when she sees that ...

  • Episode 7Brothers in Arms

    Nolan welcomes an old army buddy, Eddie Braddock, who is now working as a bounty hunter. He's tracked Pol Madis, a Castithan weapons developer, to Defiance and now wants to take him to the ...

  • Episode 6The Serpent's Egg

    Nolan and Amanda head out on the overland express, a form of bus service that runs through Defiance every few weeks. Nolan is there to deliver Rynn to jail so she can serve her two year ...

  • Episode 5A Well Respected Man

    After the body of Elah Bandik is left on his doorstep, Nolan goes after Datak Tarr with a vengeance. He starts by arresting two of Tarr's drug and gun dealers and seizing their goods. It ...

  • Episode 4The Devil in the Dark

    Having helped fend off the attack the spirit riders now have access to the city. They do set people's nerves on edge however. Nolan meanwhile has a murder to solve after they find the ...

  • Episode 3Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

    After the battle, the residents of Defiance count their dead. A Castithan, Elah Bandik, is to be cleansed - tortured to death - after running away from the fight. Nolan steps in to stop ...

  • Episode 1Pilot, Part 1

    In a future Earth largely devastated after lengthy war with alien invaders, Jeb Nolan and his adopted daughter Irisa live in the badlands, open areas that have no government. After an ...