Crossing Lines


A special crime unit investigates serialized crimes that cross over European borders, to hunt down criminals and bring them to justice.

Tom Wlaschiha / Lara Rossi / Donald Sutherland / William Fichtner / Marc Lavoine / Gabriella Pession / Richard Flood / Elsa Mollien / Stuart Martin / Naomi Battrick / Elizabeth Mitchell

    • Released
    • (2013-)
    • Seasons
    • 3 seasons
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    SEASON 3

  • Episode 12Obscura

  • Episode 11Penalty

  • Episode 10Enemy of the People

  • Episode 9Expose

  • Episode 8Heat

  • Episode 7Lost and Found

    A thinly clad girl wandering outdoors falls from a bridge. She survives, but is in such shock, that she cannot speak. The team believes she escaped from sex traffickers who have long been sought by the ICC.

  • Episode 6Executioner

    A known criminal has been knifed, but he dies instead of a deadly contagious disease. The team tries to track down all who had contact with him. The man who knifed him and his criminal partners of course do not want to be found.

  • Episode 5Recoil

    A killer who escaped justice on a technicality has moved close to the Hague and started killing people. Marco who investigated the original case is incensed, but then the case takes a strange turn when the killer is murdered.

  • Episode 4In Loco Parentis

    The Cross boarders unit travel to Italy to investigate the assumed assassination of a prestigious judge.

  • Episode 3Dragon

    The cross borders unit investigate the death of a bus driver and student of a prestigious European school.

  • Episode 1Redux + Whistleblower (dbl ep)

    Sophie Baines, Dorn's second at the trial of Wombosi, is kidnapped. Her driver is killed. New evidence she had dug up is challenged. Only she knows where the evidence came from. Dorn's ...

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 12The Team: Part Two

    The team, at first baffled by the gang's tactics, begins to put the pieces together. Realizing the prison psychiatrist is in on the breakout, Hickman alerts the team. As the mystery unfolds, tragedy for the team also follows.

  • Episode 11The Team: Part One

    Eva thought she saw her father, whom she long believed to be dead, in Spain. The rest of the team investigates two elaborately planned prison escapes.

  • Episode 10The Long Way Home

    While Eva is visiting her hometown in Italy, a body washes up onshore. Eva receives a call from a mysterious man who knows intimate details of the body. Suspicion soon leads to the ...

  • Episode 9Truth and Consequences

    After the attempted kidnapping of Audrey St.Marie - movie star and long term friend of Dorn - our team investigate a number of murders of other film professionals that show stark ...

  • Episode 8Family Ties

    Lennon asks for the help of the ICC team in solving a new case involving a tainted batch of drugs that is killing dozens of people across London. We soon learn he suspects the crime was ...

  • Episode 7The Velvet Glove

    Miles Lennon contacts Dorn after noticing stark similarities between a news story from Prague and cases he had previously investigated involving dead old men and greedy young brides. We ...

  • Episode 6Freedom

    Amanda brings Genovese to The Hague to stand trial but he seems smug, as if he knows something they don't know. He says he has invaluable information about a very big player in the human ...

  • Episode 5Home Is Where the Heart Is

    A series of vicious home invasions in Belgium and Germany have escalated in violence. In Belgium, the entire family has been brutally murdered. The team applies their unique talents to ...

  • Episode 4Everybody Will Know

    "Everybody will know" - a threatening text message sent repeatedly to specific teenagers along with incriminating videos. The goal: to prompt the recipients to commit suicide. So far, three...

  • Episode 3The Kill Zone

    A highly skilled sniper with a serious grudge is killing people indiscriminately to bring attention to his political grudge. He kills five people in broad daylight on the busy streets of ...

  • Episode 2The Homecoming

    Hickman's former New York partner, Detective Amanda Andrews, is in the middle of a dangerous rescue of kidnapped young women. But, it's a trap set by Genovese - old nemesis of Hickman and ...

  • Episode 1The Rescue

    Set against the terrible loss of Anne-Marie, one of their own, the team has only 24 hours to find and rescue Louis and Rebecca. Meanwhile, Dorn plays a dangerous game with Dimitrov. The ...

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 10New Scars, Old Wounds: Part 2

    With Hickman's nemesis Genovese in handcuffs, things are looking up for the team. Then Louis disappears, and Dimitrov finally presents a deadly ultimatum.

  • Episode 9New Scars, Old Wounds: Part 1

    Anne-Marie is missing, Sebastian's computer has been hacked, Hickman is framed for murder. It looks like the bad guys are somehow staying one step ahead of the team.

  • Episode 8Desperation & Desperados

    The ICC team sets out to stop a revenge-fueled cross-border killing spree sparked by the theft of drugs and cash from an Italian crimelord and the kidnapping of his innocent daughter.

  • Episode 7The Animals

    A bank heist in the city has the Hague's police chief Geer Helson under pressure, but the CCI team thinks there is more going on than meets the eye.

  • Episode 6Special Ops: Part 2

    Maxim Marianski is still in the hands of his kidnappers as Louis suspects Russian mobster, Dimitrov, is involved. But Hickman has his own idea of who's behind it.

  • Episode 5Special Ops: Part 1

    The ICC team must solve the latest in a chain of deadly kidnappings before the ruthless criminals not only kill their victim but endanger Dorn's life as well.

  • Episode 4Long-Haul Predators

    An abandoned car in Poland and a body found in Germany involves the team in a brutal fight club. The only way to crack it will be to risk becoming its victims.

  • Episode 3The Terminator

    The ICC team has gained recognition, cross-border authority and even an office of their own. Now they must track down a gang of thieves who use deadly radioactive polonium as a weapon.

  • Episode 1Pilot: Part 1 + Part 2 (dbl ep)

    French policeman Louis Daniel now works for the International Criminal Court in The Hague and has put together a team of police officers from across Europe to deal with transnational crimes...