A hapless UN employee discovers the agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension that's in Cold War with our own, and where his other self is a top spy. The war slowly heats up thanks to spies from both sides.

J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd, Nazanin Boniadi

    • Released
    • (2017-2019)
    • Seasons
    • 2 seasons
    • Status
    • canceled
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    SEASON 2

  • Episode 10Better Angels

    Mira's looming threat forges some unlikely alliances.

  • Episode 9You to You

    Management makes a historic decision. Emily sends a warning. Quayle, Clare and Temple investigate the final Indigo cell. Howard Prime reaches out to an old contact.

  • Episode 8In from the Cold

    Howard Prime and Emily work together to figure out Indigo's plans. Clare and Quayle consider their future. Howard must face the truth about his wife.

  • Episode 7No Strings Attached

    The fallout of the lockdown casts suspicions around the OI. Howard and Emily Prime find clues about the history of Management. Clare questions her allegiances.

  • Episode 6Twin Cities

    The origins of the Crossing are revealed.

  • Episode 5Shadow Puppets

    A new revelation puts Howard Prime and Quayle in jeopardy. Life at Echo is disrupted. Clare reconnects with her past.

  • Episode 4Point of Departure

    Howard Prime, Quayle and Clare must unite against a common enemy. Emily Prime turns her investigation towards her other. Yanek probes Howard's past.

  • Episode 3Something Borrowed

    Howard is transferred to a mysterious prison called Echo. An unexpected visit gives Emily a connection to her old life. Emily Prime and Shaw's investigation is met with resistance.

  • Episode 2Outside In

    Imprisoned on the Other Side, Howard's loyalties are tested. Emily Prime gets a promotion.

  • Episode 1Inside Out

    While hiding in Howard's life, Howard Prime must avoid detection at home and at the OI. Quayle and Clare struggle to adjust to their new arrangement.

    SEASON 1

  • Episode 10No Man's Land, Part Two

    A crisis at the O.I. leaves both Howards stranded.

  • Episode 9No Man's Land, Part One

    Howard attempts to thwart the Guest's plans. Howard and Emily chase Kaspar.

  • Episode 8Love the Lie

    The aftermath of the Indigo school discovery takes an emotional toll. Quayle grapples with his wife's new identity.

  • Episode 7The Sincerest Form of Flattery

    Clare's past is revealed. Quayle suffers through his own birthday party.

  • Episode 6Act Like You've Been Here Before

    Aldrich questions a not-too recent death in the office. Emily, Howard and Shaw follow a lead.

  • Episode 5Shaking the Tree

    Howard discovers another side of Emily. Howard and Emily search for answers about a mysterious drop site. Aldrich and Quayle seek intel from an old friend.

  • Episode 4Both Sides Now

    Both Howards deepen their investigation of the conspiracy. Quayle meets one of Howard's sources. Clare must decide what to do about Baldwin.

  • Episode 3The Lost Art of Diplomacy

    Both sides turn to diplomacy to resolve a conflict. Emily obtains a special visa. Howard interrogates a suspect.

  • Episode 2Birds of a Feather

    Howard must work together with his counterpart. Baldwin comes face to face with her past. Emily, from the other side, tries to make sense of her orders.

  • Episode 1The Crossing

    Howard Silk, a lowly cog in the bureaucratic machinery of a Berlin-based UN spy agency. When Howard discovers that his organization safeguards the secret of a crossing into a parallel dimension, he is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue, danger, and do