Buffy the Vampire Slayer


A young girl, destined to slay vampires, demons and other infernal creatures, deals with her life fighting evil, with the help of her friends.

Sarah Michelle Gellar / Nicholas Brendon / Alyson Hannigan / Anthony Head / James Marsters / Emma Caulfield / Michelle Trachtenberg / David Boreanaz

    • Released
    • (1997-2003)
    • Seasons
    • 3 seasons
    • Status
    • ended
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    SEASON 3

  • Episode 22Graduation Day: Part 2

    On Ascension Day, Buffy and her friends prepare for the ultimate battle as they face off against the mayor and a horde of vampires.

  • Episode 21Graduation Day: Part 1

    In an effort to distract Buffy from the Ascension, the mayor instructs Faith to poison Angel.

  • Episode 20The Prom

    After Angel breaks off their relationship, Buffy single-handedly battles three fearsome hell hounds so that her classmates can enjoy their senior prom.

  • Episode 19Choices

    The Mayor takes Willow prisoner after Buffy and her friends steal away a box containing demonic energy needed for Ascension Day.

  • Episode 18Earshot

    Buffy fears she will descend into madness after she acquires the ability to read minds.

  • Episode 17Enemies

    Faith uses a shaman's powers to take away Angel's soul.

  • Episode 16Doppelgangland

    While casting a magic spell, Anya and Willow accidentally summon Willow's evil double from an alternate universe.

  • Episode 15Consequences

    A homicide detective closes in on Buffy and Faith as he investigates the deputy mayor's death.

  • Episode 14Bad Girls

    Faith convinces Buffy to live on the wild side, with fatal consequences.

  • Episode 13The Zeppo

    Xander experiences an adventure of his own when he encounters a group of reanimated corpses out to construct a bomb. Meanwhile, Buffy and her friends battle the forces of evil when the Hellmouth reopens.

  • Episode 12Helpless

    As her birthday approaches, Buffy loses her slayer powers and must do battle with a vampire who is not only extremely powerful but also quite mad.

  • Episode 11Gingerbread

    After discovering the corpses of two young children bearing a symbol linked to the occult, Joyce spearheads a campaign to rid Sunnydale of witches.

  • Episode 10Amends

    As the Christmas holiday approaches, Angel is tormented by evil apparitions who want him to eliminate Buffy.

  • Episode 9The Wish

    Cordelia's wish for a Buffy-free Sunnydale comes true, plunging her into a world where vampires have control of the town.

  • Episode 8Lovers Walk

    Spike returns to Sunnydale and kidnaps Willow in hopes of creating a magic spell that will make Drusilla love him again.

  • Episode 7Revelations

    With some help from Faith's new watcher, Buffy seeks to destroy a weapon-like glove before it falls into the hands of a demon.

  • Episode 6Band Candy

    Adults throughout Sunnydale behave like immature teenagers after they eat cursed candy.

  • Episode 5Homecoming

    As Buffy and Cordelia vie for Homecoming Queen, a group of killers gathers to participate in SlayerFest '98.

  • Episode 4Beauty and the Beasts

    Oz becomes the prime suspect when a series of animal-like attacks occurs in Sunnydale.

  • Episode 3Faith, Hope & Trick

    A charismatic Slayer visits Sunnydale and wins over many of Buffy's friends. Meanwhile, two powerful vampires plot an attack.

  • Episode 2Dead Man's Party

    A Nigerian mask reanimates the dead, forcing Buffy to battle a horde of zombies.

  • Episode 1Anne

    Buffy -- living on her own in a big city -- assists a girl whose boyfriend has mysteriously vanished. Back in Sunnydale, Buffy's friends do their best to battle the forces of evil.

    SEASON 2

  • Episode 22Becoming: Part 2

    Spike strikes an unlikely alliance with Buffy to keep Angel from destroying the world.

  • Episode 21Becoming: Part 1

    Angel plots to revive an ancient demon bent of sweeping everything on earth into hell itself.

  • Episode 20Go Fish

    When several members of the Sunnydale High swim team are mysteriously skinned alive, Buffy and the gang take it upon themselves to protect the remaining members, which results in Xander revealing a side of himself rarely seen.

  • Episode 19I Only Have Eyes for You

    Sunnydale High School is haunted by the ghosts of a former student and teacher who reenact their tragic romance through the bodies of the school's current inhabitants.

  • Episode 18Killed by Death

    While hospitalized with a severe case of the flu, Buffy battles a demon that sucks the life out of sick children.

  • Episode 17Passion

    Angel steps up his torment of Buffy and her friends as Jenny searches for a way to restore his soul.

  • Episode 16Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    As Valentine's Day approaches, Xander tries to improve his love life through witchcraft and finds himself with too much of a good thing.

  • Episode 15Phases

    Buffy and her friends discover secrets about themselves as they battle a werewolf, its hunter, and their own emotions.

  • Episode 14Innocence

    Buffy and her friends battle the judge and face unexpected danger from Angel, who has lost his soul after experiencing a moment of true happiness.

  • Episode 13Surprise

    To give Buffy a surprise on her 17th birthday, Drusilla and Spike bring together the body parts of a dismembered demon who cannot be killed.

  • Episode 12Bad Eggs

    Buffy and her friends encounter even more trouble than expected when the eggs they are given in health class turn out to be prehistoric parasites that take over their lives.

  • Episode 11Ted

    Buffy's mother brings home Ted, her new boyfriend, who is not what he seems.

  • Episode 10What's My Line?: Part 2

    Buffy joins forces with another Slayer in hopes of saving Angel from the clutches of Spike and Drusilla.

  • Episode 9What's My Line?: Part 1

    Spike brings in three professional bounty hunters to eliminate Buffy while she ponders on what her profession might be if her fate wasn't already sealed.

  • Episode 8The Dark Age

    Giles's past comes back to haunt him as a demon he and Ethan Rayne summoned in their wild youth seeks them out in Sunnydale.

  • Episode 7Lie to Me

    Buffy is lured into a trap by a group of undead wannabes who hope that Spike will make them vampires in exchange for giving him the Slayer.

  • Episode 6Halloween

    On Halloween, Buffy and her friends patronize an unusual costume shop where customers turn into whatever costume they are wearing.

  • Episode 5Reptile Boy

    Buffy and Cordelia attend a frat party where they are offered as human sacrifices to a reptile-like creature.

  • Episode 4Inca Mummy Girl

    A beautiful Inca princess who was buried alive in a tomb 500 years ago is brought back to life.

  • Episode 3School Hard

    Buffy's mother and friends becomes trapped inside Sunnydale High School when a vampire named Spike launches an attack against the Slayer.

  • Episode 2Some Assembly Required

    Two science club nerds use body parts to create the "perfect girlfriend" for a teenager who has been brought back from the dead.

  • Episode 1When She Was Bad

    Buffy returns from summer vacation sporting an attitude and suffers from recurring nightmares involving the Master. Meanwhile, the Anointed One and his followers plot their revenge.